DON 2 movie review: No logic, but Shahrukh Khan makes magic

DON 2 movie review: No logic, but Shahrukh Khan makes magic

But for King Khan, Farhan Akhtar’s sequel to his Don is a total waste of time. It has stunning visuals, slick action but little else

Don 2 is a treat for Shahrukh Khan fans – he carries this larger-than-life role with élan like only he can, but the story is a let-down. It starts off well and, if you liked the previous Don, your expectations rise every minute. But an hour into the film you start shifting in your seat, hoping that some magic spell will save it for you. Alas, nothing like that happens and by the time the film ends, you really don’t care about anyone or anything going on onscreen, despite the twist thrown in towards the end.

Don 2 is in the same league as the Abhishek Bachchan-starrer Game, which was co-produced by Farhan Akhtar – a visual treat, yes, but that’s it. The story in brief is that Don is annoying the bosses of an European drug cartel because he is jeopardising their business by selling drugs at a much lower price. The bosses send word out that Don must die, but they can’t get him. For some unfathomable reason Don decides to surrender to the Malaysian police, a force manned mostly by Indians like Malik, Roma and her ridiculous assistant, a young man who keeps making passes at her and gets just a peck on the cheek for his pains. You later find out that Don is in jail to help Vardhaan get out so that they can con the world happily ever after. But there is a twist in the tale. No…make that many twists in the tale. Problem: they are all lame.

What was supposed to be a heist film turns out to be a semi-romantic/semi-action film. The antagonist is confused and so is everyone else. As is the back-story of Priyanka Chopra’s character, Roma; how did she become a top cop and why does she still love Don, despite knowing that he killed her brother in cold blood. Boman Irani as Vardhaan is probably the most believable character in Don 2, the only person who knows what he wants. The rest are all confused. Don says he is tired of being the bad guy; Roma talks kinky with Don; inspector Malik (Om Puri) has decided to retire but, suddenly is back on the job; Kunal Kapoor as Sameer wants to help Don, but then he doesn’t, then he does…!

It is hard to imagine that Farhan Akhtar, along with his co-writers Ameet Mehta and Amrish Shah, and the creative supervision of Javed Akhtar, came up with this no-brainer. The moment you take Shahrukh Khan out of the film, the Sachiin Joshi-starrer Aazaan looks like a classic. The music is another letdown and it seems that music directors Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy are in a slump. The two departments that come up aces are action and photography, both truly world class. That apart, Don 2 is quite yawn inducing, especially towards the end. Watch it ONLY if you are a hardcore Shahrukh Khan fan. As for the 3D hype – if SRK is not your favourite hero, all you get is a bad headache.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Deepak

    Watched Don 2…first day first show…Amazing
    Its a great entertainment package.
    SRK…another AMAZING performance….Don is dangerous but cool
    FARHAN…another brilliant master piece

    Dont listen to this stupid critics

    • DON 2


      • Mad

        Very true! I never come to this site! today they have said that srk has done a good job, that is also for the first time! That made me visit and see what they have written! Away don’t go buy the critics anyone! go watch it and decide!

    • priyesh

      push his movie for big hit in any way
      so he push to success but he didnt get it as like ak, sk, n hr
      don 1 n 2 is west of money pepole cant understad what the story mean
      just rais his hands
      dilogs from old looking face
      so over all fans dont like to watch him on screne

      • Deepak

        If you really know what acting means then you would have been a fan of SRK, instead of Salman….does he even knows acting guess he knows how to kill innocent and showing his muscle.

        go watch WWE if you want to see real body builders

        • sam

          Shahrukh rokzzzzzzzzzzz man he is awesome like always
          ra-one is so so but this time sharukh has done the wow

          must watch
          and gys pls dont compare sharukh with salman,
          “acting face expression se hoti he,body to Rakhi sawant ke paas bhi he”

        • Azeem khan

          Deepak i think u r gr8 fan of SRk That is good.but u dont have right to say anything for salman bhai…..
          salman bhai itna dildar ban na ka liya SRK ko phir se janam lana padaga…..
          jitna SRK ki property hai utni salman bhai na charity kar di hai……Go get information ..beta………

          • nilu

            daan karke publicity karta hai salman like karna of mahabharat.but srk daan to kartta hai per uskeliye publicity karta nahin krishnna bhagwan ke keliye to usko charity keliye award mila hai salman ko nahin .samjhe beta.

      • shashank

        Hey please remove name of SK from ur comment.
        Yaar tamil movie ke remake banake paisa kamaneko u call it as hit. N salman ne different movie laneki koshish ki “veer” n “youraj” fir haal kya huwe sabko pata hai.

        N if u il meet ur buddy salman. Tell him ki ” thoda acting sikh ke aae” log body dekhke bore ho jaenge ek din…

        fir movie dekhne kala kutta bhi nai jaega …

        • sheraz khan

          hii guyz dnt say any thing wrng about king khan he is the one as an actor,no one cane touch the way of srk as he doing

          • Avishek

            Keyrun Rao
            Do you even understand movies? Why was MI4 such a huge hit cause of the money that’s been put into the movie cause it has no brainer as well if u think that Don 2 is a no brainer. Wtf do you expect from a movie like Don 2? It is meant to be entertaining . And if you call it boring then you really got some problems with yourself or maybe you are a fan of that dickhead Amir Khan so make sure from now on to stfu and gtfo since if you cant understand a movie then dont comment on it . Its one of the best movies ever made with awesome action and awesome acting from SRK. If you cant take the truth then don’t go to movie theatres and just go when Movies of Salman Khan and Aamir Khan releases . You are a type of person who would love movies like three idiots and BodyGuard but in the end just know one thing .SRK > All .. and Don > All.. Anywys Keyrun Rao gtfo once again :)

  • narayanan(chennai)

    i watched Don-2 first show …really its a amazing movie…….Don 2 will break all the records of Indian cinema

  • Mad

    Only indians think that the movie is not good! All the UK critics say it’s an awesome movie and worth watching again!!!

  • smak

    only our home critic………………r jst clueless 4 any good movie…

  • i am js tomar

    hi kaise ho

  • Ganesh

    How much did u get paid for this sir? u r the only one who has written a negative one.

    please tell me, i also want to make money like u.

  • seema

    awesome movie…..must watch

  • Ughb

    This guy doesn’t know what’s he talkin about. This movie is in a different league to films like craPpy bodyguard which reviewers gave good reports. Don 2 has awesome action that can match Hollywood and is a must watch

  • Dinesh Sharma

    I am not a huge fan of SRK, but surely u must be a die heart fan of Sallu and Aamir. OR They must have paid u a good cash for it to bring down the real DON of bollywood.

    Ra.1 has make up all the money what they have invested in it and was a HIT.

    Don 2 will also cross 100c and join the club for Rs.100c

    What happen to Sallus VEER and AAMIR’s mangal panday n dhobi ghat???

    Only thing i want to say is KING is BACK

    • shashank

      yee baat ……….

  • azharuddin

    only u like the film is not enough this year blockbuster is bodygaurd mind it.And their is no comparision of sharuk or any other star in bollywood to amir amir make films for people not for hit or flop or to be a king though sallu bhai

    • Karan

      Then explain why aamir done ghajini and is doing dhoom 3? even he needs a movie that does well at the boxoffice for his sake. Btw srk has been teh most conistent actor in terms of box office success over past 15 years.

      • Joe

        well i am not an SRK fan.. i watched d movie wid lots of expectation, but was dissappointed.. its srk all d way, but d movie jus falls as an average one.. there was no thrill in watching, and every moment in it are predictable..

        and yeah, aamir goes for dhoom 3, fine. but that doesn mean he is running behind a box office hit desperately..he had enough hits in the last 10 years, which made box offfice blockbusters as well as masterpieces.. 3 idiots is still holding the maximum revenued film in bollywood till now based on the overall it collected.. and yeah ra one was a flop financially, it could no where reach even the crtically crucified enthiran…

        • Tenzin

          SRK movie shouldn’t work in overseas as people there are more exposed to great movies but it does work n this shows movie is excellent. SRK movie doesn’t work in India as there are more enemy, like shiv sena…look at the overseas collection then u will get it…I guess about movie they knows better than indian audiences. As a actor acting should be explore like SRK…he has shown his calibre that he can do any kind of Genre unlike others. Amir is also great actor, don’t compare each other.

  • Akram

    Awesome movie!!! LOGICAL!!! BRILLIANTLY SCRIPTED!!!IT PUNCHES U ALL OVER WITH IT’S PUNCHES!!!! I wonder which movie u saw to comment so badly!!! Shayad tu ne Bodyguard ka review Don 2 ko de diya!!!!

  • aquib ali

    amazing location awesome movie …

  • anushka

    i’m a fan of shahrukh khan but not a die hard one. ranbir is my absolute fav but after reading this review
    seriously did the author even watch don2 or merely inventing a review just for writing something or else is such a brilliant actor himself ..
    hahahaha this review is rubbish

    went to see don2 just for entertainment purpose but was left spellbound by the movie, the pace of it and all the small parts fitting perfectly into the story
    didn;t like don much but this don2 wow cannot compare it to any action movie of the year as it is THE MOVIE TO WATCH FOR THIS YEAR . shahrukh khan performance leaves u breathless n making u think how can he be so comfortable playing don so effortlessly .priyanka chopra loks hot n adds the required spice to the movie
    the chemistry btwn don and roma sizzlinggg
    for sure the perfect movie to end the year :D

    • Karan

      That’s the damn thing anushka, critics don’t see it for entertainment… they try to find logic and reasoning

  • abhi

    stupid review by the writer…its an awesome movie

  • Ansul

    awsome,fantastic,fabulous movie
    a must watch really……………………….

  • Vicky

    Oooooohhhhhhhh….. Such a faltu and boring movie don 2 i had ever seen in my life

    • Tenzin

      Vicky which village u r from??…don’t worry…I will give u 150 bucks but before that do u really understand the movie nicely. What are plans n what are twist. Go watch it again, this time if didn’t like then I will give u double Woh apne Gaandh me gusa dena, genuinely.

      • ajit

        tanzin….. u r 100% rite…. hater of srk dosnt allow to b here… wicked…….realy.njoyed….

  • Prateek

    Hey SRK give me my money back I had buy the ticket for 150/- which is worthless for this meaning less and boring movie

  • Demonoid

    ANTI SRK SITE!….guys this website posts against SRK….a$$h0les….DON 2 IS AWESOME MOVIE…fck alll haters



  • Akmal Khan

    Don’t bother about this sites,the movie is absolutely worthful and full of excitement,u will love it.

  • What

    Shahrukh rocks! If Don2 or Ra.One, he’s pure energy and magic.
    He’s the only ONE KING!

  • Karan

    Critics need to endorse films like these that are taking bwood to the next level, internationally movies like don 2, and my name is khan are appreciated while some indian critics are hating on them.

    As for don 2, it is great entertainment and reviewers are fools if they’re trying to find detailed logic and reasoning with it.


    He is the only perfectionist.. But he has seen life and thankfully has been labelled with many things.. But he believes in keeping himself grounded proffesionally.. He understand himself, He understand life, He make us feel to understand and realise our priorities and bring closer to the truth.. I really cherished all the wonderful qualities he has the one that shines so bright for everyone.. heis incredibly genuine, A person who can freely absorb all the emotions, ideas and inspiration the universe has to offer.. He understand how people feel and just what will make them happy.. He tend to think in the relm of possibilities.. Not practicalities… His ability to elicit emotions.. The man in full bunch of talent known as SRK…
    He reached the pinnacle of success as an actor in the hindi film industry and is hailed as the “King of Bollywood”.. But the man says he fails to understand the reason behind his popularity.. The 46 year old actor says he has never been able to anaylyse how he become a movie star.. He went from Delhi to mumbai at the age of 22 and eventually become a movie star.. His dreams was invincible in the industry and he wanted to prove it big, so that his parents can see him from above.. No one can compitate with him b’cz he is no one else but SRK… He says he is obbessed about his career.. I do my job for me not for any one, not for my son or daughter or guari.. I want to die in the flash of lights from the camera.. That’s how obbessed Iam, from endorsing mens fairness creams to dancing at wedding SRK has broken a number of conventions and has no qualms in admitting that he does all that to earn money.. I don’t come for free so am very cheap, you can make me to dance an item number, dance at wedding do street theatre as long as it makes people smile.. I sell dreams, I think I can sale anything.. Life comes with a price tag and a little money makes living easier… That’s SRK…

  • anoop

    this movie is awesome go watch it

  • bilu

    srk is king .
    but this film is truly go to farhan akhtar directorial technique.go and wtch must

  • jasir shaikh

    this side is agains s r k ……………….this movie rocks

    • auj kumar

      yeah! i hav seen the movie 2 times it’s really nice and different from
      dumb,nonsense action and heroic movies like bodyguard,singham and wanted as well. those who don’t like the movie are really unknown from technical taste i think.

  • khan66

    MIP3 has also no logic but everyone go to see

  • megumi

    why do you guys hate srk so much? I mean 99% of the time you say bad things bout him or his movies.

  • Demonoid

    anti srk site…MOVIE IS AWESOME!

  • Huma.Khan


  • Pro

    The reviewer is completely biased or has the mind which has less than 50 brain cells.

  • ANoush

    I watched the movie; and it makes sense that most of the reviews out there are criticizing similar points, and it has NOTHING to do with loving or hating SRK!

    SRK is the only one who stands out in this movie, not because I’m a fan, but because he was AWSOME portraying the role, and the others were REALLY BAD, so much so PC’s role could’ve been omitted altogether, as even Lara’s performance in her minimal role gave more weight than PC’s.

    Now, Farhan here, really missed at the story level with this one; so hopefully he would take into consideration some of the critique, and gets it right with Don3!

    While watching it, although the visuals were phenomenal and some of the action scenes truly entertaining, I actually missed the first part! And I got bored in the 2nd half, feeling bad about it, cause SRK did not deserve that!

    It’s not a Hollywood movie; it’s not a Bollywood one. It’s a good effort towards a buyable Indian action (not a thriller) movie, and a MUST see for all SRK diehard fans. Enjoy it!

  • Mohit Singh

    I love u SRK (King Khan). I watched ur movie don2,,, faadu movie hai aur aapki acting kamal ki hai sir

    next movie ,,,,,,,, full of stunt …. by actress

  • Prakhar

    why dont u people criticized bodyguard,as it was total waste and Shahrukh’s Performance in Don 2 is very nice.

  • Ats

    The site need to change critics as this Keyrun??? doesnot seem to have any sense as to what a bad movie is..Its awsome movie so go and watch its a treat to watch SRK…

  • Pranay

    the film is worth watching. totally unpredictable . much more better than any other superhit film of the year including bodyguard,singham& bakwas southindian style action . after this movie again takes indian movies to the next level. really appreciable. i dont know how people like insipid movies like ready dabang bodyguard or singham.

  • Arsalan

    DON 2 movie review: No logic, but Shahrukh Khan makes magic.


  • alex

    i like don1 than don2 we r expecting more from srk ,,the don is changed in to dhoom a don will not robbs only rules story is not at all suits for don ,,the film looks better because only when the presence and style of the great sharukh
    & other thing is they avoided india for shooting …..forget the english peoples.

  • deeksha

    why do you people write reviews…… you morons dont know what is good and what is bad…… this film is really good and it is a critically acclaimed movie and you are writing these negative reviews just to misguide the audience……. you guys are surely SRK haters, it is clearly understood from your unbased review…… shame on you guys………..

  • Shrestha

    Watched Don 2…at my favorite and amazing Cinema theatre Wave Cinemas superb surround system
    And what do i say about Don-2 ..Its a great entertainment package.
    SRK…another AMAZING performance….Don is dangerous but cool
    FARHAN…another brilliant master piece

  • alex

    i am also a gr8 fan of sharukh ,, but a man who knows abt cinema will not supports dis don2 the story is totaly waste the character don1 is totally changed in don2 ….
    i wish that bring vijay as a cop and don still rules so srk can act both cop and don ..i am sure this theme will rocks.
    His fans r expecting more like swades,main hoo na,don1,chakde,dilse etc

  • Dan

    i think it was easily the best film of 2011 along with Zindagi na Milegi Dobara and Singham…im sorry but the author of the review has no clue as to what she is saying…it was one of the most brilliant storytelling movie…excellent plot. So i don’t know where you got ‘No Logic’ from..:S u need to stop reviewing movies..

  • vishal tiwari

    best film of the year 2011


    good filings

  • Shameu critic

    The critic only lyk d movie lyk bodyguard nd singham…fool…these r bloddy south indian action….jst hate them…nd whn smthng gd is made as hollywud, they began criticizing it..
    Thats why such movies r made less in india nd beaten up. Bt SRK rocks guys….

  • Feroz shaikh

    Don2 is a great movie.not like singham and bodyguard south remake.I hate chollywood films.but SRK is taking our bollywood films in copetition with hollywood.thank you

  • Saurav can you call it film for the die hard king khan fans?? ..what stupid review is this dont know about movie or what?? ..or may be like other salman fans you are trying hard to give ur best negative comments against Shah Rukh Khan.. this film was a fantastic..I am an Akshay Kumar fan but i have to say that Shah Rukh Khan deserve to be called as King Khan.. HE IS AND HE WILL BE FOREVER..HE IS THE ICON..AND A MANY INSpiration for the youngstars..

  • Jerrin Onlyn

    … SRK …
    Superb Film ..really luvd it.!
    waitin to see him in Dubai again
    ….love you Don….

  • M.F

    I Love Shahrukh Khan
    Don2 is one of the best movies all over.

  • Mahesh kumar dangol

    Don 3 ka intjar to sare desh ke fan kar rahehe,lekin intjar karna ab to muskil hi nahi namumkin hai…

  • mithilesh

    are u mad or sumthing i m not a die hard fan of srk but don 2 s an awsum movie..
    ” Sameer wants to help Don, but then he doesn’t, then he does…!”it was dere part of plan in movi…
    just go watch d movi for another time…

  • kaniska

    hey i thik u didn’t watch the movie. its really an awesome movie. and if u have brain than u should understand the fact of the movie.

  • rahamath

    awesome movie yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • shyam

    abe tu pagal hai kya? ya tujhe srk ne kabhi jorse kan ke niche lagaya tha isiliye ulti sidhi bate likhraha hai srk ke bare me.don2 is the best film of the year of2011 got it. dubara srk ke bare mai likha to…………………………..

  • Rahul

    Abe tuze film samji kya?
    it’s the best