DON 2 Quick movie review: Priyanka, Lara look clueless

Shahrukh Khan, Lara Dutta and Priyanka Chopra fall victim to a not-so-well-crafted script

Shahrukh Khan’s fans had a lot of expectations from Don 2, considering the mess that was RA.One, and everyone really hoped that Don 2 would propel Shahrukh to the top. If we go by what our colleague and ardent SRK fan who is watching Don 2 right now has to say, the script lets SRK and his fans down once again. He texted us, “(Don 2) looks good, dialogues have punch, there are chase sequences, but nothing has been done yet. Don’s motivation to rob a bank doesn’t make sense. Priyanka and Lara look clueless. Lot more has to happen in the second half (to make it worthwhile).” So does that mean neither a superhero nor a super gangster has been able to beat a bodyguard at the box office? We will know for sure when the figures come in after a few days. We’ll keep you updated, so do watch this space!