Drushyam quick movie review – Venkatesh, Meena salvage the film’s amatuerish treatment

While the story is appealing, it is the treatment that lacks punch

Fans have high expectations from Dagubatti Venkatesh’s realistic family drama. Our reviewer Subramanian Harikumar is presently watching the film and here is what he had to say about his first impression of the film.

Subramanian says, “The story revolves around a village cable operator Rambabu played by Venkatesh who is an avid movie buff. He has a loving wife and two kids and seem to be leading happy life. All hell breaks loose when a spoiled brat of police officer captures video of Venkatesh’s daughter in change room. How the family deals with impending dolm forms crux of the story. Venkatesh and Meena shine as a married couple. Venkatesh especially stands out in comic and intense scenes. The actors are let down by heavy handed direction and some unfunny dialogues. The background is too loud at times. The family banter at start is way too long as it stagnates the pace of the film. After first half an hour the film gains some steam as story kicks in. Intermission comes at an interesting note keeping us in anticipation of what is to come.”

Now will the second half be able to live up to Venkatesh’s fan’s expectations? Keep reading this space for the full movie review.