Posted Wed, October 5, 2011 4:13pm IST

Thanks to Shahrukh Khan there has been a RA.One overload and yet his fans can’t get enough. But there is another Ravana who is already part of the Indian ethos. With Dussehra celebrations going on all over the world, the mythic Bad Man is in centre focus.

Legend has it that Ravana wasn’t all black, but a man who was thwarted, envious, covetous, just very human in so many ways. After all, if someone chopped off your beloved sister’s nose (remember the Surpanakha story?), wouldn’t you want revenge? There are many characters like this in Bollywood movies – very normal men with a dark streak that is displayed in unfortunate albeit very commercially popular ways. Who can play the Ravana of today with that ‘real’ touch, that conviction that comes from the courage of having acting talent, that honesty of being absorbed into the onscreen ambience? Here are some of our favourite candidates for the role of the ten-headed bad guy, metaphorically speaking, of course!