Posted Mon, November 7, 2011 9:30am IST

Bollywood’s portrayal of Muslims and Islamic culture, though clichéd and often not too positive, occasionally gets it just right – a few films have been made where justice has been done to the religion that moots values like peace, brotherhood and unity

It is ironic that in an industry dominated by Khans, Islam isn’t depicted too realistically. While the actors morph into Raj, Rahul or Prem, only a few films manage to rightly represent the virtues of the faith. Unlike some years ago, when many Muslim actors changed their names to conceal their religion, these days they are accepted for who they are. Ironically, it is now seen as a benefit to have ‘Khan’ as a last name, for easier acceptance in B-town. And today, so many films have Muslim protagonists and are rich with references to Islamic culture and the Urdu language.