Ek Haseena Thi: Will Navin Mathur go against the Goenkas?

Durga Thakur defames her first target – Goenkas’ right hand man, who’s next?

The Goenkas have enjoyed all the power money can buy in Kolkata for the longest time anyone can remember. Their right hand man, Navin Mathur (Amit Behl) did all their dirty work for 15 years, no questions asked. But something changed yesterday in Ek Haseena Thi.

Durga Thakur, (Sanjeeda Sheikh) who has come to Kolkata to ruin Rajnath Goenka (Ayub Khan), Sakshi Goenka (Simone Singh) and Shaurya (Vatsal Seth) destroyed Navin. She planted fake photos, email conversations and phone messages in his house making him seem like a mole. At a felicitation party where Navin was being honored with the entrepreneur of the year award, the Goenkas stand up and claim that their financial adviser is a fraud and should not be trusted. Mathur loses face in front of the media and the entire business fraternity.

Mathur, who worked hand in glove with the Goenkas in all their criminal activities, takes this as a slap on the face and his loyalty of 15 years. He vows to destroy them by revealing the secrets of Shaurya’s two-year old rape case. Will the Goenkas retaliate with force against Navin for cheating and now threatening them? Or will his fate be much worse than that?

Durga’s plans worked out brilliantly; one down three more to go. Wonder who is the femme fatale’s next target?