Ek Hasina Thi: Shaurya to create a scene at Durga’s engagement party

Aamir Ali will be making a special appearance on the show as Durga’s fiancé – now that’s something you already know, but we are waiting to find out how Shaurya will retaliate to this new development

Shaurya (Vatsal Seth), who has been trying to kill Dev – his brother, for Durga will be in for a rude shock when he learns that she is getting engaged. Durga Thakur (Sanjeeda Sheikh) invites the Goenkas for her engagement party in order to irk Shaurya.

The party starts with Dev crooning (they’ve apparently become friends now) and strumming the guitar for Durga. Ms Thakur dances with her fake fiancé Neil (Aamir Ali), while Shaurya shoots daggers at him with his eyes. During the party, Shaurya puts up a facade trying to show that Durga’s engagement does not affect him. But knowing him, we are sure he is up to something really nasty and devious.

A source tells us that Shaurya will pretend to commit suicide at the party and cut his wrist in order to prove his love for Durga. There is also a rumour that Shaurya will try to scare Neil. Now we are not sure what exactly happens, but there is a major twist in the end of the engagement party, so don’t miss it.

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