Ek Hasina Thi: Will Akash be caught red handed by Shaurya?

In an attempt to fit spy cameras in Ganguly’s house, Akash bumps into Shaurya. We wonder if Shaurya finds out what Akash was up to…

In the last episode of Ek Hasina Thi, we saw Dev (Bhuvnesh Mann) being the victim of his mother’s agony upon questioning his own brother Shaurya(Vatsal Seth) regarding the rape case. While promising his mother that he will not cross limits with Shurya, Dev pledges to discover the hidden truth at any cost. Shaurya on the other hand was seen beating up the chief architect of the Cancer project and blackmailing Rajnath (Ayub Khan) into having a meeting with the Thakurs.

The drama gets even more intense in the upcoming episode. The highlight of this nail biting thriller will be Akash’s(Mihir Mishra) accidental encounter with Shaurya. However, before that we will witness Thakurs and Goenkas deciding on whom to appoint as the new chief architect of the project. Vice Chancellor Ganguly will be seen joining the meeting and will suggest Shaurya’s name as the new chief architect stating him worthy of the post. The suggestion will be welcomed by the Thakurs, to Shaurya’s immense joy.

Durga (Sanjeeda Sheikh)on the other hand will be seen recalling that Ganguly was one of the many, who were bribed by the Goenkas to turn against Payal(Teena Chopra) She will remember the fact that it was Ganguly who had taken advantage of her sister and she had sworn to seek revenge from him in the long run.

So what is Durga’s next move? She will instruct Akash to disguise himself and enter Ganguly’s house in order to fit spy cameras inside. In the process, Akash will bump into Shaurya. What will happen next? Will Shaurya catch Akash red handed?

Well Bollywoodlifers, you would have to wait and watch!