Ek Hasina Thi: Will Dev find out the truth about the rape case?

Although Dev promises Sakshi that he will not be crossing boundaries, nonetheless he is determined to seek the truth come what may

It is hard to stop a man on a mission, especially when the man is Dev Goenka (Bhuvnesh Mann). In the last episode we saw Dev visiting Nitya’s(Durga/Sanjeeda Sheikh) house and reminiscing. Feeling guilt for not being able to come to her aid when she was suffering, Dev was seen spending time looking at Nitya’s photos and talking to them, making her believe that he wanted to be there, but somehow couldn’t make it. The angry young Dev was also seen beating up the broker who dared to defame Nitya’s character. The episode ended with Shaurya’s (Vatsal Seth) shocked face, upon seeing Dev revisit the Goenka mansion.

In the upcoming episode, we will see Sakshi (Simone Singh) giving an earful to Dev for having questioned Shaurya about the rape case and putting the integrity of his own family at stake. To this, Dev will promise that he will not exceed his limits with Sharya but nonetheless, will not stop his quest in eventually discovering the truth.

Shaurya on the other hand will be seen beating up the chief architect of the Cancer project Acharya, in order to stay closer to Durga(Nitya/Sanjeeda Shekh) and prove his responsibility to the world. He will then call up the vice chancellor in order to ask a small favor from him of a small favor. On top of all this, he will be seen blackmailing Rajnath into playing along in the meeting with the Thakurs, in turn telling him that the new chief architect will be appointed soon.

There are no limits to Shaurya’s monstrosity. However in every story, where there’s a villain, there’s a hero. With Dev taking a pledge to seek the entire truth about the rape case, we wonder what this lad’s next move will be. Will he eventually discover the hidden reality of the rape case? We will have to wait and watch…