Ek Hasina Thi: Will Shaurya ruin Durga’s plans?

The upcoming episode will showcase Shaurya’s evil victory and Durga’s ill fated defeat

Seeking revenge is never boring is it? Ek Hasina Thi on Star Plus has hooked us all with its progressive intriguing plot. Durga (Sanjeeda Sheikh) has one agenda on her list; to destroy the Goenkas. But even smart people make mistakes and we will see Durga’s plans getting foiled by sly and cunning Shaurya (Vatsal Sheth).

Seduction can often be a powerful tool to manipulate someone. We will see Shaurya using it well in the upcoming episode where he asks Durga to spend some quiet time with him at the farmhouse, with a plan in mind to eventually bed her and win the bet with his friends. But it’s not easy to fool Durga, who suspects of something fishy and will aim to be a few steps ahead.

We will then see Durga asking Raima (Kishwer Merchantt) to go have an intimate time with her boyfriend Rajnath (Ayub Khan) at the farmhouse, in turn sneakily informing Sakshi (Simone Singh) that Shaurya is at the farmhouse with her which gets her to go to the venue hurriedly.

A source from the show revealed, “Once there, Sakshi will be shocked to see her husband and will question him about his presence there. He will smartly avoid the topic but Sakshi will get suspicious about him.”

With a plan to get to Raima, the situation will be saved with Shaurya entering the scenario at just the right moment. He will be seen discovering about his father’s affair and asking for an unnamed favor in the future for saving him. Seeing her plans getting shattered, a very disappointed Durga will vouch to come back with a bang and would not give up easily.

Let’s see what Durga comes up with. Watch this space for more updates!