Ek Ka Dum:1 movie review: Mahesh Babu’s Ek Ka Dum is a case of wasted opportunities!

Ek Ka Dum:1 movie review: Mahesh Babu’s Ek Ka Dum is a case of wasted opportunities!

Mahesh Babu, Kriti Sanon starrer Ek Ka Dum:1 takes an interestingly unique concept and throws it down the drain

How many times have we experienced this? We go to a movie theatre with no expectations. But surprisingly the first half of the movie has managed to grab our attention. During the interval, you start liking the flick and wonder what’s in store on the other side. But Alas! the movie turns out to be a drag, a damp squib or an inedible swell. Call it whatever you feel like.

Ek Ka Dum:1, the Hindi dubbed version of  Tollywood’s most expensive film till date 1:Nenokkadine starring Mahesh Babu and Kriti Sanon is one such case of wasted opportunity. We know how a dubbing film turns out to be a big joke, making a complete mockery of the original film. But hang on! Baring a few portions, the dubbing of Ek Ka Dum:1 is surprisingly good. Without taking more time, lets jump in to the movie and see what’s it about

What’s it about:

Ek Ka Dum:1 is a psychological thriller embedded in a revenge drama starring Mahesh Babu as famous rockstar Gautham suffering from  Integration disorder which means there is 25% less grey matter in his brain. In simple words he can’t remember his past and cannot differentiate real from hallucination. Kriti Sanon plays a nosy journalist who becomes Gautham’s aide in helping him cope with his disease and helps find the killers of his parents. Will he ever find his parents killers? Would he get his revenge? Or is everything just a figment of his imagination? This forms the crux of the story.

What’s good:

The story of Ek Ka Dum:1 is unique and intriguing at the same time. The screenplay is fast, entertaining and keeps you hooked for most of the first half. There few scenes which stand out and gives you the glimpse of the true potential of the screenplay. Performances from Mahesh Babu and Kriti Sanon are top notch. Mahesh shines as the confused rockstar thirsty for revenge and Kriti steals the show with oodles of energy. The producer RK Duggal  and dubbing artists of Ek Ka Dum should be lauded for good quality dubbing which makes the movie highly watchable. A pat in the back to director Sukumar for breaking cliches and  trying something new with the film.

What’s bad:

As good the first half of the movie is, the second half is equally bad. The second half set in London is quite a drag filled with expensive action sequences with tacky CGI effects and unnecessary melodrama killing the soul of the film. A few unexpected twist here and there are the only  reason one would continue watching the film. Having praised the dubbing above, the Sikh cab driver’s dubbing is extremely annoying and so are the songs with nonsensical  lyrics. Nassar who plays the villain in the film sports an utterly obnoxious wig in the flashback scenes that it resembles fur of a Pomeranian.  The emotional scenes lack depth and could have been avoided.

What to do: In short, Ek Ka Dum takes an interesting subject, develops curiosity but fails to deliver as promised. The Hindi dubbing of 1:Nenokkadine is a case of wasted opportunities. Watch it for  interesting twist and turns along the course of the film!

Rating: 2.5 out of 52.5 Star Rating

Reviewed by Subramanian Harikumar

* Poor

** Average

*** Good

**** Very good

***** Excellent

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  • LOL

    “The story of Ek Ka Dum:1 is unique….”

    seriously? memory issue and finding killer.. it looks like Gajini… which itself was a remake of “Memento”

    “…cannot differentiate real from hallucination..”

    looks like a bit of mix with Shutter Island or Inception.

    Anyways… I’ll probably watch it… just for Kriti.. ;)

    • Krishna Sampath

      it is completely different from any other film.Watch it,both mahesh and kriti were awesome :D

    • sri van

      I can understand … U definitely like Hiropanti kinda movies.. :)

  • Krishna Sampath

    this is an epic movie.An indian movie with such high standards is really great.Maybe a bit of drag in 2nd half but the climax is awesome and heart touching.Watch it u will definitely love it.Mahesh ,the superstar is simply too good.Most of movies salman khan makes he copies from mahesh.DO WATCH IT!!

  • Krishna Sampath

    i give 4.5/5 for it

  • sri van

    No matter what the fate of this movie be … the real winner is Mahesh
    Babu, who gave mind blowing brilliant top notch performance.. Watch this
    movie for him…. and BTW if the wig of nasser has anything to do with
    the quality of the film… I seriously doubt the acumen ship of

  • guru

    Mahesh performance is mind

  • Sky

    Nobody cares what you thinking about his movies.

    Just read that article “Mahesh Babu’s 1 fails to impress Bollywood” it was about 1 nenokkadine movie.


    So what do you prefer us to watch movies like Dhoom3, Besharam, Himmatwala or yamla pagla deewana 2 ?????

    Pehle Apna Dekhlo mere bhai bad me kissi or ke bare me bat karo

    • sourabh

      sahi hai bollywood se to acchi movies tollywood hi banata hai ye bollywood to sirf copy karta hai jaise heropanti ghagini etc

    • Subham Das

      yap,bro i agre wid u…….. and remember it’s a 9/10 movie in imDb

  • kishan agrawal

    you duckfucker see imdb rating 8.7/10…with high 25000vote waiting this movie for 4months…after watching is many film..still waiting for dvdrip because this movie not available in chhahattisgarah theatre

  • yubraj

    Fantastic mind blowing and unique story with the awesome performance by Mahesh Babu and Kriti Sonan Watch it otherwise you’d regret it .I rate 4/5.

  • Prince

    Fake review…just read the opinions on 1 nenokkadine fb page and this film ek ka dum is higgest box office collector of 1 million in first week on US box office.. search on google
    This is on top of the list of bollywood movies to collect at US box office beating every bollywood movie
    truly heart breaking performance by superstar Mahesh babu
    Do Watch its a greatest Pyschological thriller made of indian film…..

  • abhi

    hindi me abi release he nai huwa ………………… (not relesed in hindi yet) fake reviwe….

  • raina

    Are bhai mene to ek ka dum movie lelugu me hi dekhi he bhot acchi lagi mujhe to supar hit he bhai hindi me to or bhi maja aaega

  • anusha niaz

    Really a fake discussion bcz this movie crush US box office and appreciate mahesh hardworking really prove to be a superstar mahesh

    • Richie

      This fucker must have got drunk when he was watching Mahesh Babu acted in the film….the dubbing was good ,picturisation, actions of the film etc was brilliant…I saw the movie on TV toh kaminey Theatre mein muje aur achi lagti..lol