Ek Mutthi Aasmaan: Asha Negi bags the new lead role

Ek Mutthi Aasmaan: Asha Negi bags the new lead role

The Zee TV show just got interesting with the entry of the Pavitra Rishta actor

We recently heard that Rachana Parulkar, who plays the character of Pakhi has been asked to leave Ek Mutthi Aasmaan. The makers of the show are incorporating a done to death plot to make way for Asha Negi.

Apparently, Pakhi and Raghav (Aashish Chaudhary) will meet with an accident. Pakhi will lose her memory and burn her face – hence a plastic surgery is a must. Raghav goes missing from the accident spot. The track forward will showcase Asha as the new Pakhi, but with no memory of who she really is.

We tried to get in touch Asha Negi to find out more on her track in the show, but we didn’t get a response.

Rachana is upset and disappointed with her untimely exit from the show, but wants to leave on a good note. The actor promises to comeback soon and we wish her all the best.

On the other hand, we are super excited to see Asha back on the small screen after so long. Her fans, who’ve been waiting with bated breath for her return will surely be overjoyed with this news, right BollywoodLifers?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • lily

    Bollywoodlife I don’t think u got the names right. Pls check and get ur fact clear.Rachna is Kalpi not Palki.

  • theju

    rachana is kalpi not pakhi

  • vaneeta

    Asha negi’s fans must b excited but stepping into d shoes of a famous & loved character who fits d role of KALPANA ( Rachana parulkar ) is not a wise move on her part…she should ve cheked Ek mutthi aasmaan story went haywire after 9th may… the makers should ve rectified d defective script…. sorry to say but Asha wont b accepted as KALPANA in ek mutthi aasmaan as RACHANA-ASHISH rock together as RAGHAV-KALPI…that type of on-screen chemistry is hard to see…Asha should ve understood dat would her fans ve acceptted someone other than her as PURVI in Pavitra rishta kya ????pls convey dis msg to her its in good faith …nohard feelings for her….

    • Sabita

      We’ll said !!! Totally agree with your view

    • Colo

      Totally agree! No Rachana – no Kalpi! No Ashish & Rachana – no EMA!

  • jenny

    So guys trending some titles selct best one #DjCvsSUCKS #DjCvsApologiseRACHANA #UnSubscribeZEE. #NoRachanaNoEma?

  • adya

    shrina plays palkhi not rachna either you got the reellife names wrong or the reallife

  • Akshay Sanjay

    This is the best news happy that Asha Negi is entering Ek Muthii Aasmaan

  • rubbey tarzan

    looking forward to seeing ASHA NEGI again and wish her the very best og luck in the show

  • rubbey tarzan

    wow cant

  • Hawia agham

    yyyeeeeepppppeeeee happy and ancients waiting to see ASHA NEGI entry this is the best news I have been waiting

  • Nats83

    I understand that Rachana fans are going to be disappointed with this replacement..But well, too Bad, They will just have to deal with it!…There is a reason why the show’s producers thought Asha Negi would be a good fit, otherwise they would have kept Rachana on…She is a very beautiful girl and a good actress but I always thought she lacked screen presence…The character needs a stronger personality and Asha Negi fits the bill perfectly..I don’t think she will be a disappointmentment..Looking forward to seeing Asha on the show!! :) )

    • Irfaan

      You’re in a minority.

    • Sapphire

      Have your say but my say is Asha Negi is not as beautiful as Rachana. Asha only has a little color and some people have a problem with a little darker complexion. I am a very fair skinned person but I don’t see color I see beauty, intelligence, and a good heart in a person. So whatever is the reason for Rachana’s departure, for me now it’s No Rachana No EMA, and I am allowed to say that and decide that.

    • Sapphire

      And yes you are in the minority. Please explore what real beauty is.

  • gauri arora

    why are you quit in rachana plz answer me you are a good actor and good citizen i know ki mein tumse kabhi nahi mie but tum to tv par milte ho kyo apne iss mokkke ko gavarahi ho plz back the serial plz answer me
    asha negi is agood actor and citizen but you are a super good but i miss u so much alot

    • colo

      I agree! Only those who loved Rachana and Ashish as Kalpi and Raghav would understand that EMA won’t recover at all easily from their departure – they were absolutely superb in their roles. The remaining actors on that show should learn from what happened. Good luck with that!

  • Akshay Sanjay

    happily with joy awaiting the new entry of Asha and she will fit in as Kalpi charactor as well
    If Rachina time was over then way not except Asha as the Creatives and Directors required a new face and Asha was lucky and am happy for her to

  • Pankaj Punnit

    sow today episode and loved Asha peformance and she fit in Kalpi charactor wish audience also have to except it and welcome Asha with Love and joy please
    Rachina has gone and its the beginning of Asha
    Please dont bash any charactor

  • furkan khaju

    Happy and anxiously waiting to see ASHA in EK MUTHI AASMAAN show sure and will fit in Kalpi charactor loved your appearance as Suhana[Kalpi] hope to see you and succeed

  • alya khan

    wishing Asha best of luck and loved the episode of today in the show

  • vaneeta

    d most dumbest thing dat EMA PH house or Damini ve done … Asha is fair whereas Rachana is a dusky beauty…..so my ????? is dat after a major accident wen u ve memory loss agreed, but skin colour,height,voice sab change ho jaate hain kya ???? is this d creativity Meesha Gautam d much egoistic creative head of zee tv talks about den i would say he didnt learn anything from Subhash Ghaiji…
    . if subhash ghai today saw EMA den he would b ashamed that he was a mentor to a person like Meesha Gautam who just bcoz some actors might ve hurt is ego disregards there talent & treat dem as puppets…. how pathetic & cheap is it

  • furkan khaju

    owesome track and Asha fit in as Kalpi[Suhana] and going great and love the new track and bond in the show
    nice one and looking grat