EK THA TIGER movie review: Salman Khan roars & Katrina Kaif rocks!

EK THA TIGER movie review: Salman Khan roars & Katrina Kaif rocks!

Who knew that one day there would be a Salman Khan film in which he takes his shirt off for a valid reason? Director Kabir Khan makes it happen in his entertaining spy thriller. And we approved! Read Bollywoodlife review

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif’s Ek Tha Tiger has been one of the most awaited films of the year, and we must tell you first off that it was well worth the months that we twiddled our cinematic thumbs for it to reach the theatres. Director Kabir Khan has made a desi spy thriller that lives up to all the expectations that the makers have built up over the last year or so. Reviewing a film like Ek Tha Tiger without giving away too much is a challenge. But right up front you have to know: Sallu’s latest with Katrina is a treat to watch.

The story of ETT is credited to Aditya Chopra; kudos to him for coming up with Bollywood’s answer to James Bond. What Saif Ali Khan failed to pull off as Agent Vinod, Agent Tiger does…and how! We all know that ETT is about a RAW agent on a secret mission to save his country. We also know that he makes the mistake of falling in love while on the mission. All this comes through in the trailer, the promos and whatever we have been telling you on BollywoodLife. What we didn’t know before we watched the film was what his mission was all about and how he pulls it off. You need to go see the film and find out for yourself…no, we will not tell you more! Except that it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Ek Tha Tiger is India’s best action flick so far.

The highlight of Ek Tha Tiger – other than Salman, Katrina (as Zoya) and their sizzling chemistry – is the death defying action. The leading pair goes all out, no-holds-barred. They skid cars, jump off buildings, chase and beat up baddies and run through narrow streets like there is no tomorrow. But perhaps the main reason why we liked this Eid release is that it also shows off the human side of the spy business. In one scene Tiger tells his fellow agent Gopi (Ranvir Shorey), “Yaar, Tiger to kutton ka naam hota hai!” (Dogs are usually named Tiger).

Kabir Khan manages to blend the painstakingly researched style of his documentary films with the elements of commercial masala fare and that is perhaps his biggest achievement in Ek Tha Tiger. The song and dance doesn’t look forced and the dialogue written by Neelesh Mishra is witty. One of the initial conversations between Tiger and Zoya in which she tells him that he is old enough to be married, brought the house down. There are many such situations sprinkled through the film.

To those who feel that Ek Tha Tiger could show Pakistan in a bad light, we must tell you that it is a balanced take. The film talks about peace, love and friendship, all without being preachy or sanctimonious. This spy thriller is a treat to watch also because of the cinematography by Aseem Mishra, showing off exotic locales like Istanbul, Dublin and Havana. Editor Rameshwar Bhagat has kept the film as crisp as a thriller should ideally be. A special mention must be made of the foot tapping music by Sohail Sen and Sajid-Wajid.

After Tere Naam, this is probably the closest Salman has got to a ‘realistic’ film. He makes even the most impossible stunts look natural. Wethinks Katrina must have used a body double for many of the stunts, but when we watch her jumping off the roof and leaning out of cars, it made us clap, whistle and cheer with the back-benchers. It was good to see that Kat wasn’t reduced to mere eye candy – kudos to Kabir Khan for that. Ranvir doesn’t have much to do, but being the accomplished actor that he is, he does a lot in those limited scenes.

Watch this film for the mind-blowing action and the sizzling chemistry between the leading pair. They look perfect together and that itself is a big reason to buy a ticket. Who says spies can’t sing and dance without looking silly!

Rating: 4/5


* Poor – Avoid!

** Average – Give it a shot if you are desperate!

*** Good – One time watch!

**** Very good – Must watch!

***** Excellent – Don’t miss!

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  • pawan

    yaar i loved the muvie,katrina i m just shocked by you ,u r best actress AT PRESENT.

    • sahil

      Awwsome Movie……salman bhai aapne fod dala …..

  • gaurav

    *** Good – One time watch!
    not good as expected

  • manthan

    wow,superb movie hai………

  • munna singh bisht

    not a gud movie yaar, saari bakwash hai
    kuch b thik nhi hai isme

    • Sonia

      HOW much that HAKLA khan is paying you?

  • mahdiyeh

    ***** Excellent – Don’t miss!



  • sakap

    no one can beat salamankhan at boxoffice ur the mega star of world.he smashesh boxoffice today.you websit need to keep updating about the movie

  • rekha

    I watched the movie because of salman fans comments and because my sister loves him ,but I was really shocked by the movie ,even my sister was laughing at the action moves which I got bored of along with the story and however she bought another ticket and entered to watch it again,this is what salman fans always do,bad movie but we will watch it for salman,you really ruined indian cinema and most of the critics gave it three stars of five or less

    • sarifa

      If u dont like salman y go watch his movie and y critize a salman fan if they want to see his movie a hundred time, we love him and we will watch it as many times as we want it is our money not yours – for the record the best music in town is found in salman khan movies – my family and I have watch his last four blockbuster God only knows how many times and we enjoy him for who he is dont care a damn who dont like -

  • shzwz

    amazing movie with unique action scenes… as salman said movie travels with a bullet speed… climax is superb… hats of to adi and kabir for casting salman in this movie…

  • nadeem


  • yash

    just came out of theater with a satisfying movie… exotic locations superb actions… and good background score… must watch..

  • Brunell D’Souza

    In Ek Tha Tiger, Salman is Bollywood’s James Bond. He leaves
    us shaken not merely stirred!

  • salman

    I am salman fan but I am totally disappointed from sallu bhai.. please don’t waste your money better to watch it on DVD or download from torrent… kat look osum sallu bhai looks great but movie have no story no soul even though music is good but lyrics are badly written. I am DISAPPOINTED! :( :’(

    • Ralph

      You are an SRK fan.

      • OMI

        YUP for sure… unmatched pair

      • salman

        I am both srk and salman friend. I’m talking truth!!! :O

        • sarifa

          No u r not and I am sure u never saw the movie years of reading comments one can tell the liar from an honest person

        • Sahil

          Hum tum me itne chade karange ke tu bhe kan……ho jayega ke tera peache ka koon sa hai. Form.Salaman khan

  • nehal

    not good movie,salman fans you are liars,you exagerrate cheat the public

  • D’souza

    This dynamic pair stirred our blood. Are reports true they also stir each other’s?

  • D’Souza

    Bollywood Life. The name is appropriate. You are indeed the life of Bollywood. The best, man, the best

    • D’souza

      Saalu is lean
      Sallu is mean
      Sallu will bust your spleen!

      Kat’s dressed to kill
      Kat fits the bill
      Boy, is she a thrill!

  • sfa

    O M G !!!!!!!!JST AWESOME …. don’t miss it guys… :)

  • Shaybaz

    Not so good movie it’s an average movie.

    • Prince Salvation

      You must be an anti salman fan……

      • ralphr

        He is! he is just jealous. He is an SRK fan

      • Sahil

        I Love Salaman khan

  • kabeer khan

    Excellent movie, dont miss it

  • harish

    Excellent film i’ve ever seen

    • sallufan

      then u have not seen films. this movie was not up to my expectations

  • ravindra kr

    not so good movie. its avrage movie

    • absk

      ya it not so good movie

  • rohan

    action is good but story is bad. good story lover plz dont watch this movie.

  • rakesh

    its most awaited but movie are not so good but acton is good not xcellent.


    Osm Movie becos salman rocks again……………. only he is capable of doing a blockbuster without an storyline and wat matters even he doesn’t need at all ………. as he prove once

  • anand

    Nice movie
    i love kat action in this movie…..

  • akki

    i’m neither a salman nor a srk fan,just a plain lover of films.the action sequences and stunts were truly super,but the storyline dissappointed me.too short,barely over 2 hrs.while wanted dabangg seemed larger than life,ETT seemed to be cut short.cudn’t have enough of both stars.

  • Bwouy

    Awesome..better than Bodyguard.. must watch..

  • shanky

    super boring.. slow and not at all worth watching

  • sarifa

    I am surprise that the above article was in such a positive note with regards to Ek Tha Tiger because most of the time no matter what good Salman does, no matter how much his fans love him, the above used to take pride in painting him in a negative picture always. We indians always have great difficulty in expressing the truth, complimenting each other for who we are and not what we do, we lie and cheat yet sees the sins of others and take pride in exposing them and the negatives that we see in each other rather than look for the good. There is good in all of us but the sin in our own lives makes it easier for us to paint others black hoping it will make us look good. Salman all the best and great success to the movie and remember always to hold before you that if God be for us no man can be against us.

    • murtaza khan

      i like ur comment……………….

  • priosis samanta

    salman is the biggest brand name in the bollywood……….
    my favorite hero ever….and ever………and eak tha tiger will be the highest earning movie ever in bollywood………..salman ke na age or piche or na daye or baye koi nahi hai he is onlyone in bollywood…everybody needs to do salute…………thank you sallu bhai………..i love you.very much

  • Pooja Gupta

    Best movie of Bollywood… Salman Katrina look amazing… Their Chemistry is rocking… Wish movie hv kept on going… :) :) :) Kabir as director did a wonderful job… Action sequences r like hollywood level in desi stlye… Salman Katrina Both did outstanding job in thm… Cant get enough of it, one time is not enough at all, im going to watch it as many times as i can… This one shud not b missed. If u Salman, Katrina, Kabir or Yrf fan. And even if u r not thn u will become one with this movie… Its a perfect blend of Salman Katrina, Kabir and YRF… U hv little bit of everybody in this movie which makes it more special… :) :) :) Love it Salman Katrina together Forever… Wish movie was 24hrs long rather thn 2… :) :) :)

  • nancy

    i loved the movie…salman khan looks good and he has acted well…katrina also has done a good job…she has also acted well……….

  • Piyush

    The movie cud not meet the expectations.
    First half seems to be boring.

  • Rajakhan

    Bakwas,totally bakwas

    • KASHIF


  • olutayo

    I hope Ek Tha Tiger will bag Salman Khan the 2012 best bollywood actor award!

  • Aslam Khan

    bakwas… How can u give 4 star to film like tiger… crap movie…

  • Mazin

    Fake tha tiger :p
    Absolute rubbish, why Bhai jaan. At least u could have done masala movie instead of thriller. In thriller people are forced to focus on story and the story disappointed me :(

  • MoneyMagic

    This movie has been rated 2/5 stars by many critics, yet these idiot bollywoodlife authors keep boasting, preaching about this faltu and crappy movie with no story whatsoever. Nothing negative is said about Salman, it’s like he’s an angel or something. Everything about Shahrukh has to be negative. You people will never mention anything positive about him. I`m going to boycott this site and i`ll make sure you authors get fired for the lame and atrocious articles you produce.

    • katie

      totally agree with u this movie was a disappointment

      • The tiger’s meow

        totally agreed… the movie doesnt live up to the expectations.. ppl are loving it because of sallu-kat fan following & being an most awaited movie… baaki movie mein kuch nahi tha..

    • indian

      worst movie

    • murtaza khan

      like ur cmnt…………. ek tha dogiiii

  • sunny shah

    the movie is superb
    i think that salman will be getting best actor award for this

    • murtaza khan

      omg salman khan is one of d most bad actor of bollywood………….. bst actor never.. huh!!



  • Anuj singh

    Go to watch this movie after leaving your mind out of the theatre

  • mya

    I see I’ve seen great ETT, salman always attractive when he considered the pond

  • murtaza khan

    faltu bekaaar its jst like a ek tha dogiiii

    • iqbalrohel

      i love

  • murtaza khan

    half star by murtaza khan

  • asjad farrukh

    This is a must watch…..

  • akhil

    sallu rocks, jisko movie bakwas lagi vo apne dimag ka ilaj kara le

  • akhil

    sallu is the biggest superstar,no one can match his superstardom , his box office collection tells everything ,buraiya to sab karte hai phir bhi dekhne pahuch jate hai

  • akhil

    sallu is the biggest superstar,no one can match his superstardom , ,buraiya to sab karte hai phir bhi dekhne pahuch jate hai



  • arun


  • shaik

    Bekaar Movie hai 3 ghante time waste

    • pooja

      bad movie

      • katie

        bad, bad movie

      • Dewendra sahu

        very nice song ek tha tiger

    • shyam rathod

      Once againe sallu has rock.
      chemistry of sallu and cat is so buety


    Thates a brilliant movie.Katrina kaif shows outstanding performance and i think salman sir in this film is mixture of prem(ready),veer(veer),lovely(bodyguard) and radhey(wanted)

    • Yasir Shehzad

      Thates a brilliant movie.Katrina kaif shows outstanding performance and i think salman sir in this film is mixture of prem(ready),veer(veer),lovely(bodyguard) and radhey(wanted)

  • Tajinder Kaur

    Only one time watch movie. Salman’s fight n Katrina’s beauty are amazing…………

  • chandu

    salman sir main aapka bahoot bada fan hoon aapki new movie ek tha tiger maine dekhi to nahi par aapka promo dekh kar aacha laga.sir aap wakai dabang hain god bless u salman sir.

    • rocky

      wo criminal he sabse pehle.us criminalism ko chupaane ke liye ab thoda bohuth acha kaam karne laga aur copy karke hit muvi bana liya tho ho gaya kaa.sirf ek baar dekh sakte ho.3 star

  • Amit

    Maha maha bakwas moviee pls dont waste your time worst movie ever seen in my life….

    • jasmin

      watch watch watch superb movie

    • rohan

      chup sale

    • Faisal

      Super Masala Movie with no sense, what happened to Scientist, Why ISI agents were not trying to kill Katrina. Then Salman and Katrina are moving all over the world in thier original faces,Why robbers try to rob them at the particular place where camera is installed. No chemistry between Hero and Heroine and only plus point is its super cool action sequences. One time watch movie.

  • mahtab khan

    Very supper movie ek tha tiger amazing & Brilliant action by
    Salman khan Thank you

    • rohan

      nice movie

  • Abhinay

    Watch -watches -watching ….
    so good movie …
    once again biggest records

  • Atul Diwate

    out standing movie

  • MA

    EK tha Tiger rock! its the best movie of 2012! i love it Salman Khan rock! he act so good!

  • sanjay rajput

    nice movie and evry stunt is so fenstastick so now keep watch movie ek tha tigher my friends

  • bhupendra pandey

    very good

  • bhupendra pandey


  • shashikant

    ajay devgn superstarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • ketan

    salman rock

    must watch movie realy nice

  • purishottam

    bakwaas movie

    • sharu

      tu bhoot bakwas hai purishottam and ever try to say it frm ur bakwas mouth

  • rajesh gupta

    we wnat you see in a good rols with a good story line. To satnd in the long please donot accept the mvies whcih can spoil your carrer . Dont allow any one to encash your hardwork and name. You have got this position after at least 20 yeras in bollywood. Be careful….. for next time with a good story .

  • Rajesh Gupta

    we want you see in a good roles with a good story line. To satnd in the long run , please donot accept the movies like ETT , whiCh can spoil your carrer . Dont allow any one to encash your hardwork and name. You have got this position after at least 20 years in bollywood. Be careful….. for next time with a good story , otherwise no body will in cinems to see ur next one.

  • mehak gadia

    The story is composed v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.very beautyfully
    in the flim i like two songs they are banjara and

  • kim

    excellent movie

  • Trupti

    excellent movie, khup chan movie ahe katrina khup chan diste ya movie madhe

  • Dew sahu

    very nice song banjara

  • Dew sahu

    very gud movic

  • kishore Sahu

    kya bakwas film hail

  • shammi grewal films

    rocks again shammi grewal with simran and yash raj films


    best tune

  • mohammed

    arre faltu faltu films kaiku nikal ra re …buddha hai revital kha ke soja..

  • ahmed

    kaiku re buddaekhod ku showkhan…..hatti ke jisa bhagra …bhag ne bhi ni atta re tereku biyel ke jisa dikhra….khamosh ghar me ghanz kha ke soja….khali katrina ki izzat nikalra.

  • misbah saher

    katrena iam misbah i love u somuch and i miss u to and i want to do one movie with u

  • Md Zeyaullah

    Solid movie yaar & katrina Iz fabalus salman superb……….

  • sharon

    i liked the film alot that was my favourite film in the life