Ek Villain’s music wins you over with its simple melodies and stellar vocals – Read review!

Shraddha Kapoor’s acoustic version of Galliyan steals the show on this solid effort that will dominate charts for weeks

Ek Villain is Mohit Suri’s follow up to the monster hit Aashiqui 2, which is still dominating music charts all over. Obviously expectations are sky high given the fact that Suri has an ear for melodies and harmonies that linger and find a permanent place on our playlist. Here’s what we thought of the music of Ek Villain that has an eclectic mix of ballads, melancholy songs and a major surprise lined up at the end of the album. 


Singer: Ankit Tiwari

Music composer: Ankit Tiwari

The opening track Galliyan sets the mood for the rest of the album. A full blown romantic song, the lyrics talk about a lover yearning for the roads that lead to his true love. The arrangement is simple, and the focus is on the chorus that stays with you even after the track ends. Tiwari who has found super stardom with Aashiqui 2 does full justice to the song. You can imagine playing this song on a long drive, or sitting by the beach sipping on a mojito with your loved one. The song is already on top of the iTunes charts since release and will dominate airwaves when the film releases.


Singer: Mohd. Irfan

Music composer: Mithoon

The follow up to Galliyan is a sombre track whose opening chords bear resemblance to the ‘Dil sambhal ja zara‘ track from Murder 2. Despite the similarity, Mohd Irfan makes this song his own. A situational song, Banjaara grows on you with as you put it on loop. The intricate background melodies stand out in the build up leading to the climax. It takes a while for the song to grow due to the mellow mood. However the vocals make it worth the while.


Singer: Mustafa Zahid

Music composer: Mithoon

The Sun raha hai na tu of this album, Zaroorat is all about heart break, love and longing. Lyrically heavy with melodrama and a sense of loss, the song sounds situational. This is a trademark Mohit Suri track and you can sense his inputs in making it dark and brooding. However, melodically it is one of the weakest links on the album. Perhaps after watching it play out in the film, the song might have a larger appeal.


Singers: Momina Mustehsan and Adnan Dhool

Music composer: Soch

Teere ishq mein hui Awari mein‘, croons Momina Mustehsan on this track that’s picturised on Prachi Desai and has an interesting sound. There is a dark grungy beat that plays on loop in the backdrop over Momina’s rustic vocals. It isn’t an upbeat club song, but a dark tune that again deals with emotions of heart break and separation. Adnan Dhool’s style and vocals kind are a bit reminiscent of Kailash Kher’s take on his soulful number Deewani.


Singer: Arijit Singh

Music composer: Mithoon

The Tum hi ho singer finds place on Humdard which is perhaps the weakest track on the album. The guitar riffs and simple melody save it from drowning in the glory of other songs. Arijit is in top vocal shape and this could be a song that has visuals of green pastures, a long drive, beaches and sweet nothings. We only hope the melody was better and the chorus had a stronger draw. Humdard is too regular and basic in its sound to stand out on an otherwise stellar soundtrack.

Galliyan (Unplugged)

Singers: Shraddha Kapoor and Ankit Tiwari

Music composer: Ankit Tiwari

Saving the best for the last, Shraddha Kapoor wows you over with her vocals in this stripped down unplugged version of Galliyan. Ever since the trailer came out, her version of the song that plays in the background has sent her fans in a tizzy. Shraddha not only sounds like a professional singer, but there’s the right amount of emotion and depth in her voice that the song requires. Ankit Tiwari lets her take over and showcase her voice, giving her the right support on the verses. My personal favorite on the album, I hope Miss Kapoor continues singing and finds a permanent place as a playback singer in her future films as well.

Stand out tracks: Galliyan, Galliyan (Unplugged), Awari, Banjaara

Rating: 4 out of 54 Star Rating

Reviewed by Tushar P Joshi

* Poor

** Average

*** Good

**** Very good

***** Excellent