EKK DEEWANA THA Quick Movie Review: Bland and boring

Thu, February 16, 2012 9:03pm IST by
EKK DEEWANA THA Quick Movie Review: Bland and boring

The first half has nothing that would make you sit up and take notice. There is not even a single ‘awww’ moment. Instead, it simply bored us to death

Gautham Menon’s Hindi remake of the Tamil film, Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa is definitely not the best pick this weekend, going by the first half of the film. Our reviewer who is currently watching the film texted us during the interval saying that Ekk Deewana Tha starring Prateik and Amy Jackson has no quirks, no twists or turns. It’s a just a blah love story so far. All that Prateik does in the first half is stalk his lady love who is all set to get married to the boy of her parents’ choice.

Ekk Deewana Tha lacks the pace and the cuteness quotient a love story normally has. Although Prateik’s cool hip hop movements and Amy’s clothes are  a visual delight, the story itself seems quite bland and boring. So much so that you don’t even feel excited about what’s going to happen next. Let’s hope the second half has something better to offer and isn’t a further let down. Watch this space for our full review on the film.

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  • sigin

    i dont agree with you MR QUICKREVIEWER,it is not a movie which has twists and turns , its a pure romantic film, its only about love nothing more or less. its a film got realistic feel, and story line,pls dont expect any twists like some local bollywood romantic films. this film is a big hit in tamil nadu ,kerala and ap. so you should keep ur head in a correct position to understand the feel of this movie,bye mr quickreviewer

    • edt

      ofcorse movie will be better than this crap review..how possible to do this type of review ?really sad

  • nash

    why they are reviewing one movie after watched half?what is the meaning of quirks and twists or turn meaning?also this is a small budget movie,what is logoc you are review half of the movie in quick and quirk time?

  • moviemad

    the reason for this stupid quic review is to make people hit their website before other sites upload theirs… the moron who is sending texts from the theater probably went it with the expectation of seeing a third rated love story… Guyz, this is a pure love story.. When I say that any guy who has got some love for pure cinema will like it… it wont bore u at all… watta lovely movie with excellent real life dialogues, touching music… I m sure, even if its not going to be a hit for sure in future this will find a place in people’s hearts like RHTDM did…

    • nash

      i also agreed man,i watched ekk deewana tha today night,really nice movie,both acted very well,amys acting is far far better than katrina,ofcorse movie was little slow,but doesnt matter it is worth watch

  • Brenda

    ?I?d love to write a reeivw for the movie:The Princess and The Frog?My opinion on this movie its very dark, My daughter is 6 and had nightmares believe it or not. Its has more adult humor than being child friendly.. It talks about voodoo and spells.. Yes its a PRINCESS movie but in my opinion its aiming for an older crowd!