Ekta Kapoor, Kya Hua Tera Vaada?

Ekta Kapoor, Kya Hua Tera Vaada?

The show was touted as being a different mature love story, but has now slipped into predictable regressiveness

Kya Hua Tera Vaada was launched with much fanfare. It was touted as being Mona Singh’s come back to fiction shows, as Ekta Kapoor’s next big offering after Bade Acche Lagte Hain, as a “different” mature love story. It will push Sony ahead in the TRP race, they insisted. The first episode aired on January 30, 2012 and garnered positive response. But it didn’t take long for all those hopes and dreams to come crashing down. KHTV, it seems, is the same old story, that only makes you yawn and say ‘been-there-seen-that’.

There is Mona Singh (played by err… Mona Singh) whose life revolves around her husband Pradeep (Pawan Shankar) and her three children. Once he dumps her for the sexy Anushka Sarkar (Mauli Ganguly), you think, ‘Yes, now she’ll show some spine.’ What does she do instead? She cries. And cries. And cries. Which we can understand. Being dumped hurts a lot. But then she plots with her mother-in-law Suhasi (Apara Mehta) to get her husband back! Suhasi makes a flowchart on a whiteboard that shows what Mona should do step-by-step. First is to get a job. Applause. Then is to get her self-esteem back. Applause. Then is to show Anushka is not the right girl for Pradeep and to bring him back? What the heck? What’s even worse is that they use Mona’s children to do this! The eldest child is just nine years old, while the other two are seven and five years old. She claims she loves them a lot and then poisons their minds against their own father! It’s complicated enough for the children to deal with a broken family without her dragging them into her scheming.

Both Mona and Suhasi claim that Anushka is the one at fault in this whole scenario. They get a women’s organization, run by Anushka’s mother, to storm Anushka’s house, blacken her face and garland her with shoes. Nobody bothers with the fact that Anushka was Pradeep’s first love. Or that Pradeep is the one who claimed to love Mona but dumped her. How can Anushka be at fault? Mona doesn’t give her children or Anushka the chance to get to know each other, find their own normal in this mess.

If all this wasn’t enough, we heard that Mona is going to find a new love in Anushka’s friend Vineeth. She will bag a job as his assistant, thereby becoming a colleague of both Anushka and Pradeep. Don’t be surprised if she drags her personal feelings to the workplace and messes up the professional environment.

Instead of a strong woman who strives hard to make a life for her kids without a husband to support her, we are left with a jealous, vindictive woman who doesn’t care her that husband has fallen out of love with her. She has decided he should come back and that’s it. No wonder it’s ratings have fallen to 1.7. Just makes us wish – why can’t Sony show reruns of Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin instead?

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  • divya

    I love this drama I watch this all the time and hope there are more interesting parts ,it’s so funny!

  • Ajnabee

    These days the episodes are very childish…feel sorry for the kids. Correct Pradeep should be blamed for what he has done to his loving family no the other woman n then he is telling his kid off infront of his other woman yawnnnnnnn…let see when we can see a strong Mona????? who will hit her husband instead of the blaming the other woman

  • wisegal

    It is true other than Mona making sarcastic comments at Pradeep are not entertaining and mere melodrama. There is a tv serial like Reba which has a similar plot but instead the main character is shown so vibrant and wanting to fight back….

  • ambika

    what nonsense ekta atlst u can chage monas looks . i mean she will b infront of pradeep now and she should not mess up things here like she lost all the money at chitfund.

  • Farah

    Why live with such ind of husband who degrades his wife just because dhe loves him…..if mona does find love in vineet it would be worth watching the husbands face then…..its funny how a man is alliwed to do whatever and whenever but ic a wife tries to step up then she is at fault…..

  • malz

    what the hell??? is marriage a joke??? once u found ur FIRST love… u forget ur wife who u have had 3 children with, who has taken care of ur meals, health and everything??? DISGUSTING

  • parool

    she has to marry again and take kids as wel,then pardeep will cum to know her feeling.

  • Tira

    I just love the serial,i think mona should not go back to pradeep. .he is not the person to trust any more. .instead it will be very nice if mona and vineet make a couple. .and for the kids its always better for them to stay with that parent who can teach them good morals along with a good future. .and for pradeep’s moral its really on a question mark.

  • sana

    i hope not mona go pardeep if mona go with pardeep end show worse story

  • sum

    i want to see mona & vineet getting married. her older kid will understand one day what her mom has gone thru.
    ekta pls dont show women r weak….we women are really strong & can aceept changes in our life

  • sana

    i hates vinnet turn negative role i hope mona understand feeling vinnet i wish love to mona rich woman

  • namrata

    pawan shankar is d write choices ……….