Election Results 2014: Hema Malini leads in Mathura for BJP

Election Results 2014: Hema Malini leads in Mathura for BJP

The actor has been a BJP loyalist ever since she entered politics

Hema Malini is leading the election poll results in Mathura. She has been a Bhartiya Janta Dal (BJP) loyalist since she entered in politics. She was nominated as Rajya Sabha MP (2003–2009) by the then President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, from Maharashtra.

According to sources, Hema Malini if elected she would be entitled to Rs. 5 Crores of Funds – under MPLAD Fund Scheme – for which she could recommend projects to be executed in Mathura Lok Sabha MP constituency. In February 2004, she joined the party (BJP) officially. With her film career less hectic, she has been an active member of the party, attending party meetings and rallies and campaigning for the party through various elections. In March 2010, she was made general secretary of the BJP. In February 2011, it was reported that Hema Malini has been recommended by HN Ananth Kumar, party general secretary.

Hema Malini and her husband, Dharmendra have been involved in politics, as members of the BJP. She had previously campaigned for the BJP candidate, Vinod Khanna, former Bollywood actor in the 1999 Lok Sabha Elections in Gurdaspur in Punjab. Now only time will tell us as to whether she wins and brings the Mathura seat for BJP or not. Keep watching this space for more updates on the same.

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  • Sabhapati

    woh she looks so gorgeous at 65 like in her 20′s

  • Anna

    We know that Hema Malini at present is touring U.S.cities performing classical dance. Mathura being in UP, there is a lot a dedicated public servant can do. Schools for the poor are in pathetic condition and many drop out of school. She can use her celebrity to raise awareness to many issues. While Our PM is giving his best for the country will our celebrity politicians remain part time MPs? Hema Malini has declared that Dance is her first passion. We have waited too long for “acche din”. We citizens as the masters of this democracy must demand accountability and transparency from our public servants. Why can’t we have the best and the brightest serving us full time? . It’s time for a change. Wake up India and make sure our MPs attend parliament regularly and communicate their plans for the country.