Election Results 2014 vs Himesh Reshammiya’s The Xpose: Who will win?

Himesh Reshammiya is trying to revive his non-existent Bollywood acting career with Ananth Mahadevan’s The Xpose. But the release clashed with the Poll results of 2014 Lok Sabha Elections and sadly (for Himesh) the entire nation has been hooked on to the same. Was the decision to release The Xpose on the day of poll results a good idea? Read on to find out…

The singer-music composer and actor Himesh Reshammiya, who honestly should have stuck to singing in his nasal voice to torture the Bollywood audiences, is trying to play his second innings in the field of acting with his latest release, The Xpose. Though his comeback instilled dread and horror in our minds, as we were reminded of Aap ka Suroor *shudders*, we were glad that the the Election results which were scheduled to be announced on the same day would serve as a respite.

Now we feel a little bad for Himesh because after watching the film we realised that he has put in a lot of hard-work in the film. We also feel bad for the stupidity on the part of  The Xpose‘s makers for they released the film on the same day as the Election results day.

We absolutely fail to understand why the makers thought that pitting the Lok Sabha election results against The Xpose would be a good idea. No brainer which one of the two would emerge victorious in this contest.

Though we said in our film review that you wouldn’t miss much if you miss The Xpose this weekend, we still hope that Himesh’s attempt at gaining star success works decently at the Box Office. What do you think, peeps?