Emraan Hashmi has a Valentine’s Day gift for you: Watch video

The serial kisser of the industry has something special for you. Are you ready for the surprise?

Emraan Hashmi brings his super romantic self to the fore this Valentine’s Day. The love (or should we say lust) in his eyes is sure to charm the socks off his fans. He calls you closer, flirts with you with his intense mushy expressions and makes you feel special by claiming that ‘you are the one’ he has been waiting for.

Well wooing someone is no mean task, but the Ek Thi Daayan stud is doing it so effortlessly. He doesn’t even have to try too hard to create the romance. But what’s the surprise? Is it just another Hashmi-style kiss, a spicy anecdote about his love life, an invitation for an exclusive date with the star, what?

Well, watch the video and tell us if the surprise was romantic enough to help you make up your mind about watching his next film. Also tell us if you give his lovey-dovey idea an enthusiastic thumbs up or a blatant thumbs down?