Emraan Hashmi: I’m not in any six-pack band!

The  ‘serial kisser’ plays down his newly carved muscular look and confesses that he’s not obsessed about working on his body

We all know that Emraan Hashmi is one of the most uninhibited actors in the industry. After being tagged as the ‘serial kisser’, the actor might just create a new record for taking off his shirt the most number of times in his forthcoming film, Murder 2. He is, in fact, showing off more skin than even Jacqueline Fernandez, his co-star in this thriller. But Hashmi says that he isn’t trying to be the latest hunk in town. “I am not in any six-pack band. I’m not obsessed with working out. I did it only for the role. If someone asks me to put on a few pounds for the role, I’ll do it. Of course, it’ll be all the more difficult to shed it!” he says. Murder 2 has raised quite a few eyebrows for its raw sensuality, but Hashmi is hell-bent on veering the attention away from that aspect. “Murder was in the area of sensuality and lust, but Murder 2 gets darker. It’s more in the edgy thriller space. All the presumptions about this film will be put to rest once people see it. It’s the first out-and-out commercial Hindi film to deal with the subject of serial killers,” he explains. Guess all that bare brawn is just the bait then!