Emraan Hashmi not to endorse condom brand!

The actor seems to have decided to emulate his prudish character from The Dirty Picture in real life

Emraan Hashmi rose to fame with his infamous kisses and lovemaking scenes. He was even tagged ‘serial kisser’ for a long time, something he takes a dig at in The Dirty Picture. So it came as quite a surprise that the actor is now trying to change his image. First, he did a film like The Dirty Picture in which he has only one kissing scene. Then he refused Jism 2 as it was too raunchy. Now, he has refused to endorse a condom brand. The actor claims he doesn’t want to be associated only with raunchiness anymore. Emraan told a daily newspaper, “I don’t want to endorse anything or be a part of a campaign that’s overtly sexual in nature. A condom advertisement would leave a certain impact on the audience… The success of The Dirty Picture has proved that the audience is ready to accept me in a different light. Playing a prude was a risk that played off and now I want to expand my horizon and take on more interesting characters. Doing such an ad would only amplify the image I am trying to move away from.” We agree with his reasoning, but just want to remind him that the previous time he decided to give up onscreen kissing – because his wife was uncomfortable – it didn’t work out really well for him. We hope it all works out this time around.