Emraan Hashmi protects ‘Raaz 3’ from Mahesh Bhatt

The actor has banned his uncle from entering the film’s sets

Emraan Hashmi has made it clear that he is not going to simply sit on his laurels post The Dirty Picture. He wants to make sure that his next film Raaz 3 receives an equally positive response. We recently heard that he has decided to stop his uncle Mahesh Bhatt from setting foot on the film’s sets. Though the film is produced Vishesh Films co-owned by Mahesh Bhatt, Emraan has asked him to stay away from the shoot. Wondering how that will help? We hear that Emraan is not too happy with his uncle’s compulsive tweeting about everything that’s happening on the sets. He fears that Mahesh might end up revealing the film’s climax via his tweets and that could have a huge impact of the film’s box office collections. Emraan’s apprehensions are not unfounded as Mahesh has already tweeted the pictures from the first day’s shoot. He had also stated on the micro-blogging site, “It is a brave script which explores the horrors of the human heart.”

If you think Emraan’s way is a strange way to ensure the film’s a hit, think again. Usually actors focus on doing better work to make the film a success, but that just won’t work here. It’s not as if you went to see Raaz, Raaz 2 or even Murder and Murder 2 for their power-packed performances, right? So the only curiosity factors left are the skin show and the plot. Emraan can’t do much about the skin show – that’s his co-star Bipasha Basu’s department. What he can do is protect the plot and he is trying his best to do that. Looks like the actor has taken a few tips from Aamir Khan, who is known to be fiercely protective about the content of his films. Now whether Emraan is successful in guarding the film from Mahesh, is something we’ll have to wait and watch.

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