Emraan Hashmi says Saif Ali Khan starred in Ghajini, not Aamir Khan!

The Ek Thi Daayan star is quite adamant that the AR Murugadoss directed revenge drama had Saif playing the lead character, who suffered from short-term memory loss

Emraan Hashmi is certainly living up to the name of his movie – Ghanchakkar! Watch the trailer and you’ll know exactly what we mean. Ghajini, which is considered to be one of Aamir Khan’s finest performances and made Rs 100 crores at the box office, certainly had the perfectionist actor’s imprint on it. Why then is Emraan Hashmi unaware of it, we wonder! Is the serial kisser himself suffering from short-term memory loss? Why is he taking the names of Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan and even Saif Ali Khan? This time, we translate the quirky dialogues of Rajkumar Gupta’s forthcoming comedy thriller word-for-word. But mind you, we aren’t Ghanchakkar like Emraan!

Bajana hai?

Play is?


Kal carpenter kab bulau?

Tomorrow carpenter when call?


Itni tayyari ki hai aur palang todoge bhi nahi?

So much preparation done is and bed break too no?


Saala Ghajini ka Salman Khan hai, Shahrukh… Ghajini mein Shahrukh Khan tha…

Idiot Ghajini’s Salman Khan is, Shahrukh… Ghajini in Shahrukh Khan was…


Saale Bandar, itna bhi pata nahi ke Ghajini mein Saif Ali Khan tha

Idiot monkey, this much know no that Ghajini in Saif Ali Khan was

See, we told you Ghajini starred Imran Khan and not his mamu Aamir Khan!