Emraan Hashmi suffers from arachnophobia!

The Raja Natwarlal actor has a severe fear of spiders

The serial kisser might not run from kissing his co-stars on screen or from bashing up baddies, but off screen he runs miles away from spiders. A certified arachnophobe, Emraan Hashmi saw a spider in his hotel room and began screaming in fear.

As he (and the equally terrified spider, we assume) ran in opposite directions for dear life, co-star Paresh Rawal came to check what all the commotion was about. Finally when the whole mess got sorted out all the actors shifted to another hotel.

Now Emraan isn’t exactly conventionally macho but to run and scream in fear is a bit of a shock, don’t you agree? Nevertheless, it is fun to find out about the actor’s irrational phobia.

We don’t know who was more scared — the traumatised spider or Emraan? Tee hee!