Emraan Hashmi will not act with Sunny Leone in ‘Jism 2′

Emraan Hashmi will not act with Sunny Leone in ‘Jism 2′

The Dirty Picture actor has denied reports that he will be seen with the pornstar in the next Mahesh Bhatt film

Emraan Hashmi may be best known for his hot onscreen kisses and bold roles, but even he has drawn the line at doing Jism 2 with pornstar Sunny Leone. Of course, he hasn’t come out and actually said it is because of the Bhatts’ choice of heroine. Emraan stated recently, rather diplomatically, to a tabloid, that he has just completed The Dirty Picture and he firmly believes one erotic film is more than enough for a long time. He is happy with the success of the film, but is sure audiences want to see more experimentation on screen. He claims he wishes to explore other genres of films now – something he has already started with his next releases, Shanghai and Raaz 3D. We did wonder about the steam quotient of Jism 2, when the Bhatts chose Sunny as leading lady. With even Emraan shying away from the film, we are more curious than ever. Aren’t you?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Kamal

    Emraan hashmi is no match for beautiful sunny leone who is way more successful internationally and much more smarter. She is only 30 a multimillionaire, a business women and an actress with all the right ingredients. Her fan following is immense and worldwide and no matter who act with her her movies are going to be huge success globally because of her just being there. She has a very bright future in both Hollywood and Bollywood.

    • joana

      kamal, all of us will not have videos worse than sunny’s. please note that many of us lead good moral lives unlike urself, pervert. wanna see ur mother pulling down her panty.

  • Sambhavana

    Well,emraan hashmi is no match for a shameless pornstar who has mo talent except sleeping with multiple partners at a time, ofcorse she has a huge fan following of perverts like yourself kamal, who didn’t even know her name before biggboss! She is not a wonder there are millions pornstars like her who are multimillionaires, and this can only be achieved at a young age, can’t be a pornstar at 50! Can u?
    It’s very sickening seeing a girl so characterless, shameless and incredibly talentless, no wonderwhy she chose this profession, she can’t even dance, act ..note: in a modest way! Emraan hashmi should stay away from such a worm.

    • Kamal

      Sambhavana I understand your frustration: but here is the thing: just close your eyes for a second and think………If GOD made a movie of every one of us who claim to be moral and characterful right from when we became adults …and imagine he show that movie to rest of the world on a big screen TV I am sure most of us will end up worst than sunny. What emraan hasaami does to get cheap fame on Indian movies, what rakhi savant and all other item girls are doing in Hindi cinema is much cheaper. They are not saints. All humans have sex at night all around the globe,, difference is that she does it in open and we do it in hiding. Shehas the courage to accept who she is. Accepting that in public is the greatest thing in itself. As for as acting in Bollywood is concerned how many heroines actually act rather than showing off their body and faces…she has much better face and huge fan following.. She is already known like it or not. She is moral even if her profession requires to be immoral. She is character full even if her job is mostly done by characterless. How many Bollywood actresses are characterful we all know.

    • krinie

      yes i agree with you sambhavana! sunny is a bad role model for all the young girls, she is so shameless and should not of got chosen to act in jism 2

      • Kaushal

        in today’s world everyone wants name and fame and and sunny leon come here and she is better than those actress who make her lyf hell when coming 2 industry by sleeping wid director and actor.

  • Kamal

    it’s not your profession which makes you good or bad. It’s who you actually are. Most importantly people who pretend to be good are sometime worst than the people who are open honest and labeled bad. This world is full of hypocrites who have two faces. In this world some sadhus and saints keep women’s and do all kind of bad stuff and pretend to be saints. Some Politicians indulge in all sort of bad stuff and win elections and plunder the nations. Directors heros use aspiring heroines. Aspiring heroines and heros can go to any extent to achieve success. How many movies we see which you can watch with family these days. All these item culture is ruining our culture. But they do it because they keep two faces. I am not defending sunny for what she does for living. Even sunny wouldn’t want her kids to be like her I am sure. But when it comes of character and good human being she has so far shown in bigg boss that she is a good girl. In our Hindi cinema how many do we have satti saviteris. They just pretend to be nice and good but in reality how many of them are really good role models. Sunny comes from a society where everything is open and you have freedom to choose whatever you want to do. Bottomline in North America is whatever you choose to do do it best to your abilities. She might have chosen totally wrong field and even if she chose to become an adult film actress she has done it and is one of the top in it. Most importantly she is not doing it in hiding. She is honest and has courage to accept who she is. Whatever she does is her professional side. But as for as real sunny is concerned I think she is a very good human being. She has not shown any cheapness on the show. She is much better than many contestants. But as a public we just try to find faults in others and never realize that we may be worst ourselves than even the person we are critiquing. As Christ once was asked to throw stone on a prostitute as every one felt she is evil
    . Christ said to the crowd that only one who has not done sin themselves should be allowed to throw stone on her. There was none who could come forward and do that. It’s easy to criticize others it’s hard to look inwards and see how good or bad we all are.

  • Simran

    Dear Kamal, proud of you for having such views.
    Sunny is lot better than those two faced bollywood actresses who cant even kiss on the camera but would sleep with so many guys in their bed !