Emraan Hashmi will not act with Sunny Leone in ‘Jism 2’

The Dirty Picture actor has denied reports that he will be seen with the pornstar in the next Mahesh Bhatt film

Emraan Hashmi may be best known for his hot onscreen kisses and bold roles, but even he has drawn the line at doing Jism 2 with pornstar Sunny Leone. Of course, he hasn’t come out and actually said it is because of the Bhatts’ choice of heroine. Emraan stated recently, rather diplomatically, to a tabloid, that he has just completed The Dirty Picture and he firmly believes one erotic film is more than enough for a long time. He is happy with the success of the film, but is sure audiences want to see more experimentation on screen. He claims he wishes to explore other genres of films now – something he has already started with his next releases, Shanghai and Raaz 3D. We did wonder about the steam quotient of Jism 2, when the Bhatts chose Sunny as leading lady. With even Emraan shying away from the film, we are more curious than ever. Aren’t you?