Emraan Hashmi’s son to finally watch him on the big screen with Raja Natwarlal!

The serial-kisser of Bollywood can finally show his film to his lil one

Emraan Hashmi is known as the serial-kisser of Bollywood. Most of his films clear with an A (Adults only) certificate, due to which his films have been missed by his son, Ayaan Hashmi. However, the Murder actor doesn’t have to sulk about it anymore as his upcoming film, Raja Natwarlal has been granted UA certificate. So Emraan can now finally watch his film’s screening with his entire family. The Ghanchakkar actor said, “Miraculously, this film has been granted UA certificate. So I will definitely show it to Ayaan.”

In the past, we had heard that Ayaan liked to groove to his father’s songs. Now let’s wait and watch if he likes his movie, Raja Natwarlal