English Vinglish review: 5 reasons why you should watch the movie

After our detailed movie review of Sridevi’s English Vinglish, we revisit the film and tell you why you should watch it at least once

Sridevi’s comeback film English Vinglish has garnered rave reviews, including the one written by BollywoodLife’s own critic. So we really don’t need to give you more reasons for watching the movie. But then we thought again – director Gauri Shinde’s directorial debut is so cute that we needed to share more about it with you than what has been mentioned in our critique.So here are five reasons why you should watch English Vinglish, starring Sridevi, Mehdi Nebbou, Adil Hussain and Priya Anand, among others. This one’s for Sridevi fans! But we’re sure the actor’s going to make a lot of new ones after watching the film.

1. Sridevi’s performance – Do great actors actually make a ‘comeback’? No! Acting is in their genes and they just need to switch the button on and there they are, emoting as effortlessly as ever. So true for Sridevi, too!

2. Global reach – English Vinglish joins Bollywood / Indian films made on an international scale that are truly global, thanks to an international cast, a global story and shorter screening time.

3. Mehdi Nebbou – He’s not the only member of the film’s international star cast, but he is totally the icing on the English Vinglish cake…or the cherry, you decide. We wish there was more screen time given to this hot French-Arabic actor – maybe a kiss with Sri thrown in, or maybe a Shahrukh Khan-style romantic number? Ooooh!

4. Self-help movie – It’s not that kind of a film, but like we said before, watching Sridevi’s character Shashi Godbole overcome her weaknesses and emerge a winner will inspire you to do the same with your life. So there’s entertainment and inspiration in this one.

5. Family film – It’s a clean, fun, emotional family film, with some emotional gyaan thrown in on how not to take feelings for granted. No item song, no kissing scene, no violence, no double-meaning jokes…. You could safely take munna, munni, ma, baba and biwi to watch it, all without cringing!

Now if these reasons are not enough for you to go watch English Vinglish, find your own…but you have to watch it to know, of course!

P.S.: If you’re an Amitabh Bachchan fan, there’s his cute cameo to look out for, too.