Esha Gupta offers Rs 1 lakh to identify dog beater

The beauty has demanded the specified amount as a reward to whoever identifies the culprit

Esha Gupta has announced a Rs1 lakh prize to whosoever identifies the person who beat up a dog and whose actions were captured on a video clip (also tweeted by DNA) that went viral recently.The actor, an animal lover and PETA supporter, says, “My make-up artiste showed me the video because I am not active on social networking sites. We have four dogs in our family – two are street dogs that we adopted. One of the dogs died recently, and it hurts. I am the kind who stands for those who can’t be heard. The way that dog was beaten so brutally it’s organs must have been badly affected. I strongly feel brutality is the answer to brutality and that man’s genitals should be cut!”

That’s not all. Esha feels as strongly about rape victims. “I may be called an extremist, but the way a girl suffers through the ordeal, I don’t think capital punishment is enough. The perpetrators should be stoned to a painful death like they do in Arab countries,” says the actress vociferously.