Exclusive: Aamir Khan’s PK trailer to release alongside Shah Rukh Khan’s Happy New Year promo!

Exclusive: Aamir Khan’s PK trailer to release alongside Shah Rukh Khan’s Happy New Year promo!

For long now we thought that Mr Perfectionist had collaborated with good friend Salman Khan’s Kick to launch his much awaited Rajkumar Hirani film’s trailer, but here’s the latest update…

Gone are the days when big releases clashed with each other and fought for room at the theatres. Trust Aamir Khan to change the game. It is learned that the actor is all set to release the trailer of his film P.K on August 15, the same day that Shah Rukh Khan’s trailer of Happy New Year is launched in the theatres with Singham Returns.

The grapevine has it that Aamir is planning a big launch of his trailer for his film. Khan returns to the theatre after Dhoom:3, which broke the record set by SRK’s Chennai Express as the biggest grosser of all time.

There is definitely competition between the two Khans and sure enough the industry and cine goers will be keeping a close watch on whose trailer is more promising and gets more positive reactions.

A source reveals, “Aamir plans to give out the first look of P.K  on August 15, the same day as Happy New Year teaser will be attached with Singham Returns. He is planning to have an event to launch the promo.

What is interesting is the fact that he’s putting a teaser out in August for a film that comes out in December! This move is definitely going to be scrutinised and analysed by industry insiders and trade experts.”

Pehle bhi…

This isn’t the first time these two Khans have clashed. In 2008, Shah Rukh‘s Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi released on December 12, while Ghajini came out on Christmas day. During the promotions of his film, Aamir came up with a wicked strategy — he got the theatre ushers to shave their heads like his look in Ghajini. So every time an audience member would go to watch Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi they would also witness the Ghajini promotion in the same theatre. Knowing Aamir and how involved he is in his promotions and marketing strategies, this move to come out on the same day as Shah Rukh’s film is quite a well strategised move!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • aisha

    If this is true, amir is really insecure, just wants to create drama. Thought he was to release it on the same day as kick, 25thJuly, tomorrow . Guess sallu and him came to an agreement to ensure HNY’s trailer doesn’t surpass that of kick so they came up with the idea of giving competition to HNY, it’s safe to say that their friendship is based on their common enmity towards Shahrukh , if there was no SRK, their true colours will come out and they’d eat each other alive. This will move will only radicalize SRK fans.

    • King Kong

      Get a life. Sri is the most insecured and overrated actor. He claims himself to be best and calls him self a king khan or bla bla bla. Samir doesn’t need to be insecure because he is much more talented and much bigger star than lungi wala. He doesn’t have a goat voice like Srk and parrot nose like Srk. So all Srk fans mind your language before commenting against megastar aamir. Srk is a tiny actor with no stardom in front of megastars like salmon and aamir.

      • aisha

        Very childish!,

  • junayd

    And remind you Dhoom 3 broke Krrish 3 records. that, was the biggest earner before Dhoom 3, mention your stats right first.

    • Terminator

      krrish 3 did 178 not 243 crores at indian box office hrithik roshan is a big time liar..

      He hasn’t done anything big except his father’s production..

    • KK

      Don’t you know that the krrish 3 figures provided by the producers were significantly over-reported?

  • lovedeepi

    i think aamirs movie is good but shahrukh will be better because of farah khan

    • krisi

      becauase of Farah Khan..?seriosly? why some people never undestand that his movies are good because of SRK Himself ? really how much SRK have to do to prove that he is amazing actor and star..He is King of Bollywood …yes he work with awesome directors and writers,but he wasnt have magic,talend,charm forget about any success,..

      • lovedeepi

        YES not only because of farah khan OF COURSE BECAUSE OF KING OF KHAN TOO

      • Jahazaib

        Shahrukh with established directors or the old names of Bollywood=Superhit movie
        Shahrukh with chote directors not the big names= flop movie
        so the conclusion is SRK without big names is nothing!!!!!

  • Raja

    Singham 2 getting better day by day! 15 august will be mindblowing!

  • Raja

    1.Bang bang/PK 300cr 2.Kick 250cr 3.BV/Singham2/HNY 200cr plus mark my words!

    • vinay

      Dude you are dumb! Mark mine too

    • krisi

      why im not suprise that HNY is last? let me guess you are not SRK fan right ? :D
      well dont be sure about HNY ….because SRK always suprise …..

  • krisi

    Jealous Amir want attencion..Not intersting to watch his movie at all.

    • Deepman

      Aamir Khan jealous, LOL , if any one is jealous its the other stars.Aamir has been creating records and then other people come and break it, and then Aamir creates bigger records.The man is an institution.Grow up to the fact.

      • andi

        Dhoom 3 is really an overrated film

  • KHAN

    I am bigggggggggggg fan of SRK & I am taking part for the first time related to these sort of discussions. As far as Aamir Khan is concerned then for kind information to his all fans SRK was 10000000% right at the launch of GAJNI promotions that AAMIR uses his (SRK) name as brand for his cheap bullshit publicity. If I am not mistaken AAMIR said in KOFFEE WITH KARAN that SALMAN is the biggessttttt star with so huge STAR DOM that he comes on screen with glasses in his hands, opening up the belt for villans & his movies become blockbusters. MY DEAR so called MR.PERFECTIONIST if you watch SRK’s CHENNAI EXPRESS (honestly I didn’t watch it coz it had no main theme line) that is really STAR DOM which created history soooooo easily before your movie. Working under banner like DHOOM SERIES (so many childish flaws) and creating world records is not bigggggggggg fun. R u people getting my point. He further said in KOFFEE WITH KARAN that I don’t like DEVDAS. The fact is SRK is the only KHAN who got historic roles like DON / DEVDAS so MR PERFECTIONIST IS JUSTTTTTTTT GEALOUS and he always uses SRK name for more attraction. People also said that AAMIR’s rejected movies given to SRK like DARR,DDLJ, MOHABBATEIN if those were done by AAMIR then I am 1000000000% sure that his father would have been failed to deliver such performances like DARR & MOHABBATEIN. SIMILARLY 3 IDIOTS & LAGAAN was first offered to SRK but …..
    SALLU works for all remakes & if his bullshit movies like BODY GUARD, DABANG 2 (COPY PASTE OF DABANG) work at BOX OFFICE then why not aamir’s movies.
    HE he aamir alwaysssss created mess and mainly get attraction due to great SRKKKK’s name & brand who is second richest actor in WORLD wowwwwwwwwwww & beta AAMIR where r u now FRENCH GOVT gave him their country noble award. HE rang the bell for NEW YORK stock market why not people call you. SRKKKKK is the only global face of BOLLYWOOD after AB.

    • ak

      Just shut the fuck up and go choke on srks dick