Exclusive: I can never match up to Karan Johar says Niranjan Iyengar

In a candid conversation with the Look Who’s Talking host, we get an insight into what the show’s about

Many would expect Niranjan Iyengar’s Look Who’s Talking to be a run-of-a-mill chat show where well-dressed chat show host who knows his way with words and has stars getting up close and personal with him on national television.

But Look Who’s Talking is nothing like your regular talk show. On asking Niranjan himself is his telly debut bears any similarity to his close friend Karan Johar’s Koffee With Karan, he said, “I don’t think I can ever match up to Karan Johar. It’s not at all similar. In fact the reason why I did Look Who’s Talking was because I wanted to be very very clear that I wanted to be different from what was on air otherwise there was no point in doing one more chat show. And I was very clear that it needed to be very close to my personality and not that many people know about it but anybody who knows me knows that my personality is very different from Karan. This chat show is different in many external aspects because the other chat shows are all in a set format on a built set, mine are on real locations each star has a different location where we take them to. “

So will the show have stars answering personal questions about their life? Iyengar disagrees, “I don’t have a Q–A session with them as much as I have a free-wheeling chat with them. I don’t restrict it to anything that is happening right now, sometimes I talk about their childhood, sometimes I talk about their career choices, I talk about various things and there is no fixed pattern to my conversations. I try to focus a lot more on what they think and feel as opposed to what are doing or where they are going.”

From whatever Iyengar has to say about Look Who’s Talking, we certainly have our interest piqued. For more on the show, keep watching this space…