Exclusive: Jacqueline Fernandez answers fans’ questions!

We ran a short contest under the hashtag #AskJacky on Twitter and got some crazy number of fan questions for the Kick actor! Here are the ones Jacqueline Fernandez answered personally!

On getting the perfect picture

Fan @Aliahussain_X, @Being_Houda asked: Did Salman gift a painting to you?

Jacky says, “Yes, he gifted me a painting of horses, its beautiful. I love horses so it was perfect. He is such a gifted artist, and its awesome to see him sketch. He does a lot of spiritual figures as well.”

On the big compliment

Fan @krunalmevada8 asked: What did Karan Johar tell you after watching Kick?

Jacky says, “He told he really loved my work and that was an awesome feeling to get a compliment from Karan. I have even taken a screen grab of his tweet and saved it! Feels great to be complimented by someone you look forward to working with some day.”

On getting her Kick

Fan @chulbullilasha asked: You reaction to the success of Kick?

Jacky says,”It hasn’t sunk in yet, but its an amazing feeling. I am really sad that the movie is over and I no longer have to promote it. I didn’t expect this kind of a reaction, so the feeling is awesome!”

On working with Salman Khan

Fan @beingkajenian asked: How was your time shooting with Salman?

Jacky says, “It was really good, I got to learn a lot from him. He’s an amazing person to work with.”