Did the makers of Priyanka Chopra’s Mary Kom biopic cheat a US-based makeup artiste?: Exclusive photos!

Posted Fri, April 26, 2013 11:46am IST

American makeup artiste Mark Garbarino, who worked on Priyanka Chopra’s look for the Mary Kom biopic being produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and directed by Omung Kumar, says he’s not been paid for his time and effort. He sent us exclusive photos of what he has done to PC’s face…take a look!

Just when we were wondering if the makers of Priyanka Chopra’s new film on boxer Mary Kom’s life will resort to VFX or prosthetics to make the actor look like the Olympic medal winner, we discovered a fresh controversy about the movie. We received an email from a certain Mark Garbarino who claims to have worked on Priyanka’s look, using his makeup skills to transform the babe into a gal from Northeast India. And the gentleman is indeed most annoyed! But why?

The US-based makeup artiste tells us that he worked on PeeCee’s look to give her face that Oriental look, but hasn’t been paid yet. “After providing a couple Photoshop renderings for $325 USD, they (the makers of the movie) requested I meet the actress on April 7th at her Los Angeles hotel for a face cast and makeup tests. The process of creating a prosthetic requires the actor’s facial reproduction in order to sculpt a new look upon, and then this is molded and cast in a very expensive silicone material,” reads the email. From what we see in these pictures, Priyanka has been fitted with a prosthetic eyelid to suit her look for the movie.

The statement also complains that the makers of the movie have stopped responding to Mark’s calls or texts. “From April 7-14, I visited her three times, with different sculpted prosthetics, at the Beverly-Wilshire Hotel, and cordially performed a series of evolving Asian ethnic prosthetic eyelid looks. For the next 10 days, all at Blue Lotus refuse to discuss the matter of payment, which I reduced to $4,500 USD for my material expenses and labor. They are the legal property of Mark Garbarino, as no payment was ever made to me from an outside entity,” the email details.

Only two days back we told you how the makers of the biopic first decided to use prosthetics, but then settled on creating Priyanka’s look using special effects produced by Shahrukh Khan’s Red Chillies VFX. And we show you just what that is – or at least trials of PC’s appearance – with the exclusive pictures that Mark Garbarino has decided, in his anger, to leak. Is the film going to get into some trouble now over non-payment issues? We have to wait to find out more about that. For now, we wonder how the makers of the movie will respond to this ‘revealing’ story!

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  • anonym

    Mark Garbarino should sue them because of Copy-picture injury and warn all Americans about SRK, his department VFX and Plastic Chopra. all fraudster…PC looks ugly

  • Sidd

    I’m proud of you priyanka,mary kom the biopic best woman oriented film all time,apki mehnat ko salam,aur aisa role kismat se karne ko milta hai,hats off :-D

    • pooja shrma

      yes…. u r right

  • hasan

    PC will rock the movie. Just can’t wait fot the movie.

  • loveline

    pc will rocck

  • walker

    They should have gone for an actress from northeast(NE), who actually looked like a Manipuri. I don’t know the reason why Mary Kom gave her blessing to PC for the role. I guess getting her story out there was more important. Whereas if a NE actress had been used there would have been better representation of talent from the NE as well as a more authentic look. No wonder we are looked as the other when there are very few actors with the NE face type(this includes actors of Chinese/Bhutanese/Nepali ethnicities) getting work in Bollywood films and of course never as a lead character.
    And then there is of course Aamir Khan playing characters like Phunsuk Wangdu in 3 Idiots etcetera. This of course leads to less representation in national media for the NE face type and we are marginalised. If there were more and better representation of actors
    and characters from the NE it would make Indian cinema better. And we would not have travesties like some actors doing “yellowface” eg. Ranvir Shorey playing Chopstick in Chandni Chowk to China which was atrocious and other such instances in Bollywood history.
    These instances are similar to what Asian American actors are facing in Hollywood with the most egregious example being the miscasting of white actors in the lead roles of the Asian/Inuit characters in Avatar the Last Airbender and many other movies thus depriving and
    marginalising actors of Asian American ethnicities.
    Do the makers of this movie believe that Indian audiences will not be able empathise with a person from the Northeast even when the movie is based on the life of such a famous sportsperson as Mary Kom. Even though Mary Kom might not have any objections to PC playing
    her in the movie we can still show our discomfort with seeing a person not of NE face type playing a national icon who is highly visible right now in the national consciousness.