Exclusive: Pics of Shilpa Shetty-Raj Kundra’s new baby!

Posted Fri, May 25, 2012 2:15pm IST

The new parents looked overjoyed as they walked out of the hospital with their baby

Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra have been ecstatic ever since their baby boy came into their lives. When we first saw the pictures of the couple carrying Baby K out of the hospital where he was born, we couldn’t help but go ‘aww’. Even though we didn’t manage to get a glimpse of the baby’s face, the little white blanket with ‘K’ monogrammed on it, made us go all mushy. This thoughtful gesture makes it quite obvious that the two have really been looking forward to becoming parents!

A glowing Shilpa looked really pretty as she and hubby smiled at the shutterbugs, with new papa Raj holding their baby proudly in his arms – just the three of them, the baby safely cuddled in swaddling, the doting mum and dad beaming with joy. And just watching this delightful scene made us feel all broody and gooey inside. Instead of fleeing from the media, the couple handled the situation gracefully and posed for the shutterbugs before getting into their car. The Bachchans should definitely take a cue from this couple! Don’t you think so?

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  • sinchana k.m

    congrats shilpa didi!!!!!!!<3 all say my face cut is similar to urs

  • sheila

    Good to know that some celebrities are happy to share their joy with the rest of the world instead of creating such a huge drama over their kid to the extent of not even revealing the kid’s name.

  • riddhi

    nic baby congrats shilpa

  • pooja

    shilpa ka baby kya he, ladka ya ladki plz tell me,

  • tarun gandhi

    you look much prettier than aunty aishwarya

  • balan

    you look gorgeous and better looking than aishwarya aunty/ jaya lalitha

  • gaurav ojha

    i like your black eyes ,when i see aishwarya aunty’s cat eyes i feel scared ,she looks like ghost of a horror film. specially when she makes her eyes big and small i feel scared

  • naresh pandey

    your eyes beautiful and very very attractive looks better than ghost eyed aishwarya aunty

    • nagina

      What ever you say about ashwariya whole world knows her, how many people know shilpa??? and dont forget ashwariya is not a HOME BREAKER like shilpa. Shelpa is ugly even after 100 sergery on her face.If Shilpa was that tellented and beautiful thn why she found only second hand man??
      ashwariya dint break anyones family.

  • aaradhya shukla

    i want to look like you,i like ur brown eyes and smile very much.u are the real world beauty of india.

  • mihira daniel

    you look very pretty, when i see aishwarya auntys grey eyes ( l’oreal paris ad) i feel scared,i cann’t sleep properly,her eyes resembles the eyes of ghost.aunty you are my fav

  • ANVI

    U r looking supap love u


    God will punish shilpa for hurting other woman and marring someones husband.
    she is a HOME BREAKER

  • Deeksha saxena

    you are looking supp shilpa miss you

  • FN

    i think he is ugly baby..coz his parents are really really ugly..
    especially his mom..she is like a monkey

  • FN

    shilpa shetty is ugly mom….really ugly…i think she is most ugly mom in the world