Exclusive: Priyanka Chopra answers fans’ questions about Mary Kom!

We ran a short contest under the hashtag #AskPriyanka on Twitter today and received a mind-boggling number of questions fans wanted to ask the actor! Here are the best questions Priyanka Chopra answered personally!

On singing for the first time in Bollywood:

Fan Bhupendra Singh (@ibhupendra) asked, “Have you sung a lullaby in Mary Kom?”

PC says , I have sung a lullaby for the film for my twins (Mary’s). It’s a beautiful Lori. I am really excited about it because its my first Hindi song. So yay!

On comparison with Hilary Swank:

Fan MY PRIYANKA CHOPRA ‏@piggy_chopps asks “Sanjay(Leela Bhansali) sir compared you to Hilary Swank. Your reaction?”

PC says , “Anything coming from Sanjay sir is a huge compliment. But Mary Kom is nothing like Million Dollar Baby (Swank’s film wherein she played a boxer). It is about amateur boxing and the life of five time World Champion in boxing from India.”

Emotional challenge in playing Mary Kom:

Fan Zoya shahid ‏@zoya_shahid asks “Was it as emotionally challenging as it was physically to play Mary Kom?”

PC says , “I wouldn’t say Mary has had a hard life. I wouldn’t want anybody to feel bad about her. I’d say she has an inspiring life. It has inspired me tremendously. It was emotionally challenging because I had to play a living, breathing person so there was a huge responsibility on me to play the role right.”

What is Mary Kom for women?

Fan J Anoshiya Lopez (@jenieLopez95) asks: “How will MK influence women?”

PC says , “It is an empowering film especially for women. Its about Mary who wouldn’t settle for less, who cannot be told what her limits are! So I think along with women the film will also inspire a lot of young people of the country to not limit themselves according to what others say.”

What will people take away from Mary Kom?:

Fan Stacy (@StacySuperDuper) asks: “What will people walk away with after watching Mary Kom?”

PC says , “Ah! The film is too close to me, I don’t know what people will take away from it. I just hope that Mary’s life inspires people. To me it gave a lot.”

Craziest reaction:

Fan Tanvi (@iamtanvi) asked “What’s the best reaction you’ve received so far?”

PC says , “ I remember when I first tweeted the first look of MK I was working on Zoya’s film and we were on a boat for a long time. And within three hours, I got some 350 emails, some 600 messages and some crazy number of tweets! We were trending and everything and I didn’t even know that this happened within a few hours! So the number by which people liked the film’s look was amazing!”

Doing another biopic:


PC says, “I am always open to great films. So if another interesting story comes, then why not!”