Exclusive: Priyanka Chopra’s boxer avatar impresses Mary Kom

Exclusive: Priyanka Chopra’s boxer avatar impresses Mary Kom

The Olympic medalist was overwhelmed on seeing the first poster of her biopic starring Priyanka

The much-awaited poster of Priyanka Chopra’s upcoming biopic on Mary Kom was released yesterday (June 14). Ever since then PeeCee has been flooded with praises from her peers and fans alike. The biggest compliment however came to Priyanka from Mary Kom herself.

The five time world champion and Olympic medalist, on whose life the film is based upon, was so overwhelmed on seeing the poster that she called Priyanka and expressed her happiness. “Mary Kom really liked it. She giggled a lot, it was very cute,” says the Gunday actor.

Well, we are sure, like the poster, Priyanka will certainly win all the accolades when the film hits the theatres. We won’t be surprised if Mary Kom does to PC, what Bhaag Milkha Bhaag did to Farhan Akhtar.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • aisha

    Good to know, some ill wishers try to create problems saying a northern Indian should have played the role, this praise from the lady herself ought to shut them up.
    Hope that the movie itself gets far more praise, it’s a winner that’s for sure but how well it will do? Only time will tell. Alot depends on the directing editing and production and considering Omrag kumar is a newbie, have to keep fingers crossed. Also hope the media and critics won’t be biased against Priyanka , it’s obvious many don’t like her, even in the industry and she isn’t given her due in the industry she isn’t ignored either but only because she can’t be denied.