EXCLUSIVE VIDEO! When Salman Khan surprised Sidharth Malhotra at his doorstep

Yes, Salman Khan and Sidharth Malhotra haven’t done a film together, they don’t even belong to the same circle of friends; yet the superstar decided to land up at Sid’s doorstep one night, just to congratulate him and convey his love. How heartwarming was it to hear Sid recall back to this priceless memory when we met him recently! The confession came in response to one of the few pictures of him and Salman that I showed him from his own Instagram account. Sid admires Salman so much that the moment he saw the pic, his face lit up with a big smile and he walked down the memory lane narrating one beautiful story.

“I got to know him really well during Ek Villain actually. I had met him a couple of times before that but I remember on this one Saturday, I was having a small gettogether at my house; we were celebrating the film where I called the cast and the producers. And he (Salman) was very sweet to just call up and say, “Hey congratulations, I heard the film did really well. I said ya sir thank you and he was like, call me “Bhai”. You know I don’t know him so much so I just couldn’t call him Bhai because it was a little bit odd to talk to Salman Khan. I said you know we are right here and I also stay in Bandra so please come over if you are free. But he said no, I won’t come you guys carry on.”, recalled Sidharth. 

Up till here, it was okay because getting a call from Salman in itself a big deal. But much to Sid’s surprise, his new “Bhai” further decided to surprise him at his residence as Sid adds, “After about 45 minutes, we are all in our apartment and everything else is happening, there’s music and the bell rings and you find Salman standing at the door. It was very cool and gracious of him. He came with his friends, he had this smile on his face and he is like how are you man? Congratulations” Oh, we can totally imagine how thrilled Sid must have been after seeing Salman visit his home. Guess, he’s still equally thrilled.

You see, people don’t love Salman Khan just like that and here’s yet another proof.; that too coming from one celebrity to another. Such is the kind of person Salman is…full of love and warmth.