Exclusive: What does Ranveer Singh think of Sunny Leone?

Sunny was apparently upset that the Gunday actor is claiming to be the first actor to have sold condoms

There’s something common between Ram-Leela actor Ranveer Singh and Baby doll item girl Sunny Leone. No we aren’t talking about the fact that both have an aversion to clothes and love to strip. Sunny and Ranveer are the first two Bollywood faces who have done a condom ad.

Ranveer has been going around town saying that he’s the first actor to have endorsed safe sex and sold a condom. However a source reveals that Miss Leone feels otherwise since she too has shot for a similar product. There was talk that Sunny was upset over Ranveer making such tall claims.

During a recent interaction with Singh before he embarked on his two month long schedule for Zoya Akhtar’s film we asked him has he seen Sunny’s condom ad ? And his answer was a stern, “No, I haven’t seen her ad!.”

Well that kind of sums up everything doesn’t it ? The ball is now in your court Sunny.