Fall in love…BIG love!

Everyone has a love story, whatever it may be. And on Valentine’s Day, that story is what we want to know. It could be big, it could be small, but for you – and for us – it is always the love story that is the most important

It’s that time of year when the air is coloured with that special tint of love, when every scent that wafts past your nose is flavoured with romance and each sound sings of Ishq wala love. This is when you plan delightful surprises for your beloved, serenade her with saans, telling her that she takes your breath away, when you show her how you feel with that perfect diamond, that gorgeous red rose, that unforgettable dinner you cook. And ladies, you take your man’s hand, look deep into his eyes and quote, “Main toh aapko Rab se bhi zyada pyar karti hoon!”

Remember how it all happened? Think back, draw a picture in your head of where it was when you said “I love you!” and what happened after that. Find that memory when there was you and your love and how you got to that stage in your life together. Recall what happened when you met for the first time and touched hands the first time, when you knew for the first time that it was LOVE. Ishq hua…lekin kaise hua?

What if you could write about all that and be a winner all the way? Yes, you will get that hug, that kiss, that forever promise from your special someone, but you could also take away some very exclusive prizes that will make you and your dear one happier than you have ever been before?

This is what you could get, just by sending your love story to us. Announce to the world that you are in love, you are loved and win special treats for yourself and your beloved. Enter the DNA Big Love contest and win a diamond ring from Pure Gold Jewellers, a Swiss watch from Victorinox and a delightful dinner date for two at the Courtyard by Marriott. Doesn’t that tempt you? Go ahead, just tell us about your love story, that Big Love in your life, and you could celebrate in a very special way!

Here is what to do: Send your love story to valentine@dnaindia.net. And tell us, how deep is your love?