Fan performs Salman Khan’s Kick train stunt in real life!- Watch video

Right at the outset, do NOT try this anywhere!

Salman Khan is one for setting insane trends. Be it with his turquoise bracelet, his filmi dialogues or his body language, Salman’s fans all over the world love to ape the actor and be more like him.

We came across a video of the Salman fan who tried pulling off his Kick train stunt in which Mr Khan effortlessly gets off a bicycle just a split second away from an oncoming train, only to walk away like a boss from a chase sequence.

Now after looking at the video we can’t tell whether the fan has performed the daredevil stunt in real life or is it graphically generated footage. All we want to tell you fans reading this is to not perform the death-defying celeb stunts in real life.

A fan’s obsession to be like his idol can get a little insane at times and we would advise you never to let your admiration for any star urge you to put your life or safety in danger!

Check out the jaw-dropping video here!