Farah Khan takes a dig at Shahrukh Khan

The Tees Maar Khan director says that her next film will be bigger than the ones she did with King Khan

We heard that Farah Khan has finally locked the script of her next film, Happy New Year. Despite the fact that her last film Tees Maar Khan sank without a trace, she is aiming to make her next film bigger and better than all her previous ones. Happy New Year was supposed to be Farah’s debut film as a director but somehow it never got made. In a recent interview, Farah said, “Yes, I am making the same Happy New Year that I wanted to. The idea of the project remains the same. However, it is only now that the script is ready. I am very happy with the outcome. This film is going to be the mai baap of Main Hoon Na and Om Shanti Om.” We are waiting to hear Shahrukh Khan’s take on Farah’s tall claim.