Farhan Akhtar gets lethal!

Harry not a Brahmachari, we agree, but Vir Das adds his thumkas to convince us…

It may not be the most original tune we have heard, but the first song released from the Shaadi Ke Side Effects soundtrack has quirky-funny-happy lyrics. Even as Farhan Akhtar and Vir Das dance up a storm in the company of some lovely ladies with long – and bare legs – Vidya Balan makes a seductive blink-and-I’m-gone appearance in a rather well-filled avatar. But the two men are lost in their wiggles, jiggles and bouncing madly in the nightclub. Vir does a thumka or four and Farhan works hard on his pelvic thrusts. And as they get a rigorous workout, we do out bit to figure out what they are singing. Something could have gotten lost in translation, of course…

Harry not a brahmachari

Atyachari i.. i.. i.. i..

Arre bantadhaari…

Dharti pe yeh.. ye. ye. .ye. ye.

Bojh hai bhaari

Soorat se nirdosh magar

Hai naag ichchadhaari



Oh free from the fetters of society

On earth this..

Load is heavy

Face from blameless but

Is snake form-changing


Ke Harry not a brahmachari.. balihaari

Harry not a brahmachari.. balihaari

Ke Harry not a brahmachari


That Harry is not a celibate…affectionate bestower

Harry not a celibate

That Harry not a celibate


Samjho na isko prem pujaari

Ladki jo dekhi nazar utaari

Soorat si nirdosh magar

Hai naag ichchadhaari…


Understand not him love worshipper

Girl who he saw gaze lowered

Face from blameless but

Is snake form-changing