Farhan Akhtar’s take on remakes

The Don 2 director is aware of the risk of remaking a hit film

Starting from Dil Chahta Hai, his films have had a distinct look and feel and he has taken on him, the onus of adding freshness to the way films are made in Bollywood. He had to face a lot of flak when he first announced his remake of Don, but the success of the film silenced the naysayers. Now Farhan is back with Don 2, the sequel of his remake and Shahrukh Khan fans are eagerly waiting for the film to release later this year. In a recent interview, Farhan said, “Never take your audience for granted. Just because the first film worked, doesn’t mean the remake will be as accepted. Content is, indeed, king. You have to give the audience something to look forward to, even with the same story.”  We appreciate his respect for the audience’s intellect. Now let’s see if the content of Don 2 lives up to the viewers’ expectations!