Fatafati in Ranbir Kapoor’s knickers?

Just when film buffs are going ga-ga over the Fatafati song from Ranbir Kapoor’s recently released film Barfi!, we decided to translate the quirky number into English

As if the confusion over the meaning of much-talked about number from Barfi!, Fatafati was not enough, we decided to translate the number into English. And the result had all the wrong connotations. Now that’s how things get lost in translation….


aaahhhaaahhh aaahhhaaahhh burrr

This is burrrpy song

Hori situation vishal gambhirr o hey


aahhhaaahh aaahhhaaahh burr

This is burpy song

The situation goes big serious



Before enter Character Ranbirr o hey

Producer bole bechonaa aha bechonaa (Becho Becho)

Item gan koyi socho na


Producer says sell it o you sell it (sell sell)

Item song something think about


Aisa koi beat bajao

Usko repeats bajao


Like this some beat you play

Same repeats you play


Jobhi sune mast hoge bajao

Jobhi sune mast hoke ha zabardast hoke


Whoever listens to it fine you become and play

Whoever listens become fine and superb he becomes


Fatafati Fatafati lege o lege re (2)

Fatafati Fatafati lege

(What F**k is Fatafati Man)



Fatafati fatafati sticks around

Fatafati fatafati take


Engreji mein Awsum Kickass

Bangali mein Fatafati

Bangali mein Fata

Teri chaddi mein Fatafati


In English it is awesome kick-ass

In Bengali  fatafati

In Bengali it exploded

In your undies Fatafati