Father’s Day special: Amitabh Bachchan or Shahrukh Khan – who is the better dad?

Posted Sun, June 17, 2012 10:00am IST

Ideal Bollywood fathers are few and far between, at least on screen

Bollywood writers love their mothers, but they often forget their fathers. We have several examples of an ideal mother (Mother India, anyone?), but very few of an ideal father. We have seen strict ones, nasty ones, orthodox ones and dads more capable of shooting people than giving love. Wouldn’t it be great to see a nice guy for a change? But then again, what makes someone a ‘good dad’? Rajesh Mapuskar expressed his take on the matter in Ferrari Ki Sawaari. Other Bollywood filmmakers have their own ideas. This Father’s Day we take a look at some of the more interesting prerequisites for being a good father, filmi ishtyle:

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  • Saim

    Of course SHAH RUKH KHAN. He is the best though few * heroes * are trying their best to pull him down with the help of media, and media is doing this ???/ But they can’t stop loving SRK’s fans loving him

  • zulfi

    Shahrukh Khan is the best dad…also he is the king of bollywood….

  • hana

    shahrukhkhan is the best father in the world

  • Rupesh

    Amitab bachhan is the Best Father in The World

  • menna

    shahrukhkhan is the cutest and most handome father

  • haider ali

    amitabh amitabh and only amitabh is the best father…next come…other person…

  • helen


  • rakesh

    The best father is,LOVE, HUG,and get respect and the best father is AMITAB Bachhan

  • yosra

    shahrukhkhan of course

  • twinkle

    srk is the best dad.he takes care of his children very well.he is best in every field…i love him very much.

  • rohit kumar

    no doubt when comes this kind of the question . we have only one choose that is only and only ” HRITHIK ROSHAN” no body can compare to him . he is god gifted to this world . and also his such good father of his son . he is only one star of the world i hope he has got lots of success in his life.

  • Basile

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