Fawad Khan in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil or Zindagi Gulzar Hai – what’s your pick?

Fawad Khan…the name itself brings a smile on the lips of millions of women.  That man with oh-so-perfect features and lop-sided smile has stamped his place in our hearts and how. Seriously, we (at least I) can go on and on about ‘the guy’. Discussions centered around him are always fun and honestly, everyone (read girls) are always kicked about giving ideas on the Pakistani heartthrob. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil is coming up on October 28 with the actor playing a hot DJ. Hot and Fawad are never too far away, you see!

Looks aside, Fawad has proved that he is a very interesting actor. Critics were ho-hum when he made his debut as the slightly snobbish but charming Vikram Singh Rathore in Shashanka Ghosh’s Khoobsurat. The Most Popular Debut (Male) awards were in his kitty but skeptics wanted something wherein he proved himself as an actor. In mid 2016, we saw Kapoor And Sons. Fawad, the actor amazed us with an earnest portrayal of a closeted homosexual in the film. Subtle, stoic, intense, critics ran out of adjectives to describe his performance. What was more applause-worthy was the fact that the TV sensation had guts to take on a role, which was flatly refused by many Bollywood actors. He took on the project banishing all thoughts of professional hara-kiri.

In Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, we hear that he is playing a man who deserts his wife, Alizeh (Anushka Sharma) after hearing that he has cancer. It is a far cry from the devoted lover/husband, he played on TV. There is also a love-making scene between Anushka and him. The actor has maintained that he likes to take risks and clearly his performance as Rohan Kapoor made us sit up.

Talking about his career in TV and telefilms, Fawad has played the lover more often than not. Women love him when he is brooding over love, loss and longing. One should note that even his stints as a lover have not been similar. Fawad’s Zaroon in Zindagi Gulzar Hai was modern, flamboyant yet intense in his own way. As Joe in Behadd, he did not shy away from proposing to a much older woman, Masooma played by Nadia Jamil. It was restrained yet one could feel the passion that he had for the lady. As Ashar of Humsafar, he was the devoted husband and son. The actor has done a period drama like Dastaan and a coming-of-age story like Satrangi. Fawad craves for variety and it is evident in his choices. He has also played a somewhat lovable but greedy guy in the romantic drama, Akbari Asghari.

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There are clearly a few things that define Fawad Khan as an actor. He is someone to pick out characters. The story matters a lot for him. And so does the team. Fawad has worked with some of Pakistan’s finest talents, which is why he has constantly honed himself. His charisma has made him a sex symbol but it’s his understanding of his craft that makes Fawad the actor. So, do you like Fawad more in TV or in films?

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