Filmistaan song Udaari: Sharib Hashmi is a dramatic movie buff!

Here’s a fun number from Nitin Kakkar’s forthcoming directorial venture revolving around a man who eats, sleeps and lives movies. We are confident that this song will put an instant smile across your face!

Written and directed by Nitin Kakkar Filmistaan is about an affable Bollywood buff and wannabe-actor Sunny (Sharib Hashmi), who works as an assistant director. Despite his average looks, (the receding hairline and the paunch are unmistakable) Sunny aspires to become a movie star.

While shooting for an American docudrama Sunny lands in a rather tricky situation. In fact, he gets kidnapped by Islamic extremists. Quite interestingly-and ironically-the terrorists are also into the business of movie piracy. Soon, Sunny discovers that he shares a social, cultural and a deep human bond with his kidnappers through the movies they watch.

The director is asking a very pertinent question here-Can cinema really be the universal panacea for co-existence? And here’s a song from the movie, titled Udaari that shows Sunny- the movie maniac!