Fined of the day: Tanishaa Mukerji’s orange and yellow mix gives us the blues!

While Kajol won’t stop at nothing in the fashion game, her younger sibling seems to have renounced all desire for dressing to appeal…

Looks like Tanishaa Mukerji dipped her sandals in orange slush before wearing them to the Araaish exhibition yesterday. Between the poorly fitted dress and the eye-sore of orange platform heels we can’t decide what’s worse.

Tanishaa probably picked out the white and orange neck-piece to keep the orange-white mismatch going, but obviously that wasn’t the smartest call. Something classier from a brand like Outhouse or Aquamarine could have done the trick! It cannot save the ensemble, but the white Hermès mini Birkin bag Tanishaa is carrying looks super cute (but not with that dress or those heels).

What could have worked better for Tanishaa’s look, apart from a more fitted version of that Zara dress, would be a pair of sleek pointed-toe pumps and a classier neck piece.

Keep trying Tanishaa, you’ll get there some day! Also, don’t hang out with your Bigg Boss boyfriend so much, he seems to be rubbing off on you!