Five reasons as to why Sanaya Irani and Ashish Sharma’s Rangrasiya is ending

Five reasons as to why Sanaya Irani and Ashish Sharma’s Rangrasiya is ending

There have been several rumours and predictions regarding the show

When Rangrasiya started on Colors, Sanaya Irani made a statement which stated that she will be shocked if the show doesn’t work. Well it’s not even a year (launched on December 30, 2013) and we hear that the show is shutting shop already, on September 18 or 19.

Well we don’t blame them; it’s best to do away with shows that don’t work and introduce new soaps that click with the audience, right? So coming back to the question – Why didn’t Rangrasiya work in spite of having brilliant actors like Sanaya and Ashish Sharma?

Here’s five reasons why we believe the daily soap is being called off…

#A redundant storyline which is probably similar to ten other shows already on air or have been in the past.

# Since it launched with Beintehaa – there is tough competition and constant comparison. While the TRP rating between the two shows have been almost similar, last week Rangrasiya dropped by a few numbers.

#While the story is situated in Rajasthan – their dialect was not a match to the region. Where’s the authenticity, people?

#The time slot of Rangrasiya coincides with two other very popular shows on Hindi GEC – Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai on Star Plus and Qubool Hai on Zee TV. With that line-up it’s obviously very difficult to create space.

#In desperate need for ratings, they killed Paro (Sanaya Irani) to introduce a modern version of her. While we are open to believing in doppelgangers of one person around the world, this was taking it to the extreme.

Well we hope the makers take a cue from this and come back with something more interesting.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Sahar

    Your Royal Highness Letty, please get a life. What’s your problem with these actors? Sanaya and Ashish have rocked it in Rangrasiya. Please name the other ten shows that have the concept of an army officer in love with his captive? Exactly… Go back to wherever it is you came from!

  • Prerna

    Shut up Letty. You need a real job, besides sitting and hating. Is this supposed to be news? Oh wait, forgot this site only publishes garbage. Rangrasiya ROCKS!!

  • Dee

    Was wondering how rubbishy this article sounded … It’s by Letty, no wonder! Same concept? Yeah right … Have you even watched any part of the show? A man who protects despite himself, despite a hatred that actually has solid basis, now THAT was unlike other shows! No dialect? Have you forgotten they had to tone down the dialect after the initial episodes, because it was too authentic? If you want to hate, at least try to be a little more intelligent about it.

  • hadiya khan

    ans #1 rr fans ko 10 shows sy kya mtlb hum to rr hi dekhty h,2 aap ko trp ratings dikh rhi trp minus p to nhi h avg h pr rr fans jo tweet krty h or raj baddhan ka tweet rr top in uk. 3 rr hind h fans ko kafi h jo bhi ho reason valid honi chahiy trp k chlty to bhut show ki trp rr sy km h to woh bhi end kr do. gusaaaaaaa aap agr rr fans ko imp dety ho to pls decision change
    Sanaya and Ashish have rocked it in Rangrasiya

  • Anita

    Letty who is letting you print this GARBAGE?RANGRASIYA is COLORS FLAGSHIP IN UK.
    TRP has nothing to do with closure of the show .If it is then half off COLORS shows should be off air.Differences between PH and CHANNEL BOSSES which have been obvious all through the journey of the show led to the closure.Even sixteen year olds on INDIA FORUM KNOW it.As far as we are concerned COLORS can go to hell.All we want is SANAYA and ASHISH back together in another show

    • RossJWarren


      That simply isn’t true SSK is the no1 soap in the UK, at least it is in Swindon. Everyone loves SSK, whilst few have heard of Rangrasiya. Sorry but thats the fact.

  • Natasha

    I completely agree with the author… the show had no meat. It was getting boring. Well if it was working then the makers wouldn’t be shutting shop, right? Okay so maybe the reasons she gave may not be so accurate. I am sure Sanaya will soon be back with some other show. You people need to chill a little. Seriously!

  • hippocrispy

    U have totally lost it girl. Comparing RR with other shows is like comparing chalk with cheese. Go back home, switch on TV and watch 1 episode of RR, you will change ur biased and ill formed opinion after watching Ashish and Sanaya’s acting. Its beyond anything that I have seen on Hindi TV space. But to appreciate it, you need to have good taste which is totally missing in you just like other TRP audience who prefer Balika Vadhu or some other saas bahu soaps. I never liked any hindi TV serials before but I was sold after watching 1 scene of RR by chance and have never missed it since.

    • rona

      Hope 4 d best. hoping 4 ur come back RR. best of luck 4 jhalak!rudra!
      Lobe u @lottt!

    • rangrasiyan

      pls use ur brain while comenting

  • Anita

    Ross warren

    The viewing figures for COLORS in uk if you look at them you know what I mean .these figures are published regularly and RANGRASIYA gets the top figures .Sorry but SSK is never mentioned in that

  • Rachna

    Rangrasiya is one if not the best serial running on Colors.. It would be disastrous for colors to end it listening to some crap and gibberish from unauthenticated sources..
    Ashish and Sanaya rock and how..
    If colors can’t appreciate them,some other channel should pick up this hot couple ..critics be damned

  • Kojal

    Going to miss Rangrasiya if it ends and it’s Color fault too, we ask for time slot change but they don’t listen and also they reduced viewing time for Rangrasiya too. Want Rangrasiya show to continue but this stupid TRP rating problem. Sanaya Irani fans please vote for Best actor lead role award on Telly Chakkar and give Sanaya award she deserve

  • DS

    Please ignore the crazy fangirls below. They are right, your reasons given for the show ending are not all accurate, but they really need to chill because you are also right. Rangrasiya looks new and unique to people who don’t want too many Indian soaps, but for those who have been watching many Indian soaps for years, Rangrasiya was and is nothing new. Same love-hate concept. Sanaya and Ashish are good actors and so they were able to hold their own and give the story some authenticity, but over all the show was nothing new and the rural setting was a damper on all of it and did not help in gaining audience viewership. The dialect was very authentic in the beginning but it was toned down because most viewers could not understand it and so in a bid to interest the audience the dialect slowly disappeared. Still, there was no rise in viewership. YRKKH and QH are definitely popular shows and RR could not compete with them. As for killing off Paro….I am most upset about that myself. This new character Myrah is like an annoying teenage girl with a school girl crush on Rudra and Rudra has turned from a lion into a lamb. Makes for very unpleasant viewing.

    • sundas

      i totally agree with u ds and another thing i want to say that this serial was just like ipkknd love hate story but now it totally changed and is tasteless

  • Sandy

    Should not end Rangrasiya show because it’s not fair, we in the UK only get 2 repeat shows during the day and other shows get 3 and we don’t like Myrah character much and especially the London look, we want our Paro returned and we want 6pm time slot for UK viewers. NO Myrah only Paro, we want more fight comedy between Rudra and Paro like MJHT show Napur and Mayank character please

    • zoya

      Going 2 miss u rudra pratap ranawat and paro 22 love u a loottt

      • rittu

        Very boring episodes going on!tis ws nt expected @ all.gonna miss u RR.thank god it s dubbed in malayalam so I can watch my rudra and paro again!missu!

        • Zainulabideen

          Rangrasiya is a good love story and different other shows, I like this show very much, but this show should not be ended, rudra character is very popular, amazing, dashing n good,, I miss rangrasiya(rudhra n paro) … These couple came back in Rangrasiya 2 TV show…

  • Nerina

    You just write your article on hear say of few non watchers and biased trp restricted to only 8000 homes.????? Rangrasiya has garnered a large fandom. Most awesome leads and good actors in Rangrasiya..This was a unique show and leads who made their characters lovable and now to be cherished. Because of internal issues with Colours..they did their best promos, taking slots …etc to end RR for their next ….Rangrasiya is the best.

  • Poo

    Whatever you say… I loved Rangrasiya from start till end… Sanaya truly said she would be shocked if it did not work out… The storyline, the actors, the dialogues… all were original. Of course we are sad because of the brusque ending, but I guess they must have had a good reason and its useless to make suppositions and invent stories that the show did not work…

  • NINA


  • Bindiya

    Well author i agree that Rgrasiya should bring its curtain on but the reason u gave for it r wrong n not acceptable except last one.

    Let me gave u some sensible n genuine reason

    1) The show was base d on love n hate realtion but we have dozens of on this concept already n dont know who but somebody says in this discussion to count these show well dont challenge me coz i can really count

    2) The show was launched in much grand way i mean after watching the promo epole were curious abt d show but d creartive team of show failed to keep audience connect wid d show

    3) Murder or death of paro doesnt go well wid trp

    4)u were right wen u said that d tym slot of show clashed wid popular show on another channel

    5) The track of Rudra’s mother was unnecessary bccoz f that the show removed its limelight from paro-rudras romance to his mothers issue

    these can b considered as real reason why rangrasiya failed to make it ig. No doubt d chemistry betn ashish n sanaya was amzing but story was not dat much strong which can go long