Food fiasco at Cannes 2013: Long queues for rock-hard puris, cold samosas, teaspoonfuls of daal makhni and guests scrambling for the loo….Why?

The prestigious film festival culminated in a rather ‘memorable’ dinner that will be talked about for years to come, but for all the wrong reasons

Think of Cannes and your mind will immediately transport you to the realm where flawlessly beautiful celebs dressed in the perfect designer outfits walk the red carpet with unmatchable elegance and equipoise. Now just imagine the same guests standing in serpentine queues in the anticipation of a ‘grand menu’ comprising cold samosas, warm colas and a smidgen of daal palak each. If that sounds like comedy of horrible errors, wake up to the less glamorous reality of this year’s dinner night at the glitzy French Riviera. A little birdie who is keeping a close watch on the blinding razzmatazz of the 66th Cannes International Film Festival tell us that horrible management and disastrous catering services shot the festival into the limelight for the wrong reasons.

We hear that the Indian cinema centenary celebrations at Cannes culminated in a gala dinner. Much to too many people’s collective horror, the waiters had not been briefed about the large number of vegetarians present. It took an eternity for the thalis to arrive at the venue. The predicament of the special guests did not end there. The food – after it’s long awaited arrival – comprised cold samosas, rock-hard puris, tiny helpings of dal makhni and insipid palak paneer. Even the most anticipated pudding did not arrive; the frustrated guests were completely fed up – though not with food – and left instead of waiting for dessert.

And just when the organisers thought they had somehow managed to curb the crisis by feeding their respectable guests – albeit with that not-so-classy menu – catastrophe struck. Soon a number of guests developed bad tummies and started scampering to the bathrooms. Some even rushed back to their hotel rooms on finding that ominous ‘occupied’ sign on the accessible facilities at the party.


Our sympathies are with those stunningly dressed folks who must have had a tough time taking off those nicely layered, intricately designed designer labelled clothes to…err…get rid of that magnificent feast!