For Dhanush, everything begins and ends with Sonam Kapoor!

The lead protagonist of Aanand Rai’s love triangle, Raanjhanaa, is head over heels in love with the Kapoor gal. And that’s why he’s relentlessly following his ladylove!

Dhanush’s village boy avatar in his soon-to-release romcom Raanjhanaa, co-starring Sonam Kapoor, is a lovelorn puppy. And that’s what it exactly looked like when we got the wicked interpreter in us out. As usual, we translated the fun lyrics into English word-for-word. Our naughty attempt got lost in translation and it made the Kolaveri di singer vulnerable. Take a look!

Meri har mann maani bas tum tak
Baatein bachkani bas tum tak
Meri nazar deewani bas tum tak
Tum tak, tum tak, tum tak sone yaar

Mine every whims and fancies only you till
Talks childish only you till
Mine sight lover only you till
You till, you till, you till, gold friend


Tum tak tum tak arzi meri
Phir teri jo marzi
Meri har dushwari bas tum tak

You till you till request mine
Then yours whatever wish
Mine every non-tolerable only you till


Tum tak tum tak tum tak tum tak
Meri ishq khumaari bas tum tak

You till you till you till you till
Mine love charm only you till


Now you tell us BollywoodLifers isn’t that an over-dose of mush and the stylish Sonam Kapoor?